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    James Rodriguez to Man. United

    On Sky Sports News there being offered to Man United for £50million
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    WOW - Chicago

    Announced that now you can fly to the Windy City from Cork
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    One fifth of Cork Senior Football Team

    Imagine a Junior football team which is in reality the 4th grade in Cork with 1/5 of the starting Cork team lose a divisional 1/2 final. Who is wrong Caheragh or Cork
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    Official Cork Under 21 Hurlers 2017 Thread

    I'd say it's already off to a bad start with the indecision and confusion over manager and selectors. I hope I'm wrong but Omens don't look good
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    Endo Pharmaceutical Faces US Lawsuit

    Irish Pharmaceutical Company faces a major lawsuit in US due to contraceptive pill mistake. The Irish company owned by the former management of US giant MSD sold contraceptive pills in the US which had been packed upside down and caused over 100 unwanted pregnancies. Now they're going to be sued...
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    Anna Geary or Aishling Thompson

    Lads the Anna Geary thread got me thinking. Which one of these two Milford ladies would guys prefer. Both are All-Ireland winning Camoige captains
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    6 Nations Rugby Teams are USELESS

    Like why do they bother they're just not good enough. England so called home of Rugby can't get out of the group, Ireland hammered by a country where, Hockey, Soccer, Tango and Tennis are by far more popular sports. Scotland will get rightly twatted at least Wales left with some pride. Don't...
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    Rugby League World Cup

    Just happen to catch the anthems on BBC1 before the Ireland V England game in the RLWC couldn't believe that the Rugby League side sing that Ireland's Call shite as well before games
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    Cork Minor Hurlers 2014

    New management team has been announced, Denis Ring (Fermoy) Manager, Mark Landers (Killeagh) Coach, Selectors are John Dwyer (Ballincollig) and John Mortell (Ballyhea) and AN Other to be announced. Not a bad line up but obviously Mortell rewarded for his loyalty to Frankeen and to report back...
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    Corn Ui Mhuiri 2014

    I think DLS Macroom beat Tralee CBS today, anyone have anymore results
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    Boston's Finest

    Anyone watch it on Watch Channel 109 on Sky. Not bad but why would cops leave documentary cameras into their own homes
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    September 11th 2001

    Hard to believe that it is 12 years ago
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    Anzhi Chelski

    Looks like Anzhi are now a feeder club for Chelski roubles changing hands to bate the band. Eto'o now on the horizon
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    Who'll win John Allen or Bilbo Baggins

    Who will win between Limerick or Clare today. I'm saying Limerick by five points
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    Cork Minor Footballers 2014

    Lads the back room team has been set up. Anyone know anything about selectors. Tom Dorgan was there before as was Andrew McCarthy, Comyns the Barrs and Holland from Arigideen what's their pedigree
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    Lets Bedeck the County in Red & White for Sept. 8th

    Lads everyone house, business,school, church, shop & pub should be encourage to put red and white flags outside to show their support for Cork Hurlers in the All-Ireland final. I know the PROC ran a competition in 2007 I think for the best display in Pana for the football final AFAIK
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    Amanda Dufner

    Can't post a link now but she is a serious hottie. OMG
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    Plane from Shannon to US subject of terror threat

    US Airways flight from Shannon being searched at Philadelphia airport reportedly a threat attached to it
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    Fuck the board love the players

    I think it deserved a thread of its own plus it'll keep Budgie out of our hair for a while. Frank out
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    Claire Byrne

    She was on Prime Time tonight looks like she's up the duff or else she's piling on the pounds.