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    Storage wars uk

    Bit of a guilty pleasure of mine as is auction hunters. What the fuck is the story with the uk version? Heavy D is an insufferable ballbag of a human being. Think he's watched a bit too much of the US stuff. Langer.
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    Well then it'll learn the ones that survive. My point still stands.
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    heh heh, that'll learn 'em.
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    What should be my thousanth post?

    Getting closer lads and not sure how to celebrate this momentus occasion, what say ye?
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    woman beheaded in London smashing stuff- details sketchy at the moment, so what do we think? Muslim honour killing? Just a run of the mill Caucasian nutjob?
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    Terrorism threat level raised to severe.

    What do ye think lads? Are we all done for or are we just going to drown in a haze of paranoia and media scaremongering? The terror threat level has been raised from substantial to severe, Home Secretary Theresa May has said. This means an attack is deemed to be "highly likely", but there...
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    Official life hacks thread

    Like top tips from Bella, but cooler like.
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    Threads that have been done to death reference section

    Think the time is right to compile a list of threads that have been done to death. Lets try to promote some original thinking people. Anyone thinking of starting a thread look here first or face an internet pasting. Celebrity death pool Proc Cabinet threads
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    Got me one of these a few weeks back, cheaper by far but not sure it's any better for me, a bit worried about the whole unknown and all that, sometimes it's better the devil you know. Anyone else got one of these? Will it end in a horrible mess of oxygen tubing and spit cups?
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    Who is the most honest person on the PROC?

    What proccer is the most honest in their posts in that they have not created some online avatar of a person they actually wish they were (Admiral Nelson). I say Goatz for all his faults is a fairly straight down the line kind of person (despite the fact that he is probably not a real goat)...
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    Who wants to start a fight?

    Right then, this seems to be going on all over the forum so I thought there should be a dedicated thread, Come on then and start flinging shit at each other. to get us started you're all a bunch of pedantic self important wankers, fuck you and fuck all your family and friends. Discuss.
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    Raspberry pi

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    DVD ripper

    anyone know a simple to use free dvd ripper. I used Magic DVD ripper on my last PC and it was easy to use and would rip to any format but they've put the price up to a saucy amount so won't be buying that again.
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    Android and apple tv

    Anyone know if there's a decent app that would enable me to use my GAlaxy S3 with airport express and apple tv?
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    Inspirational toilet graffiti

    "Cow Jackie loves cock in her arse" Inspirational and delicately written pros i'm sure you'll agree. Anyone else got any pearls of wisdom?
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    Best insults ever - ya Polio

    just wondering what people have in the ol' memory banks of some decent insults or names. I'm thinking about dusting off one of my favourites from yesteryear and calling someone a "polio" a firm favourite in Cork for many years.
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    Funniest ever Simpsons moment

    I have to say I have loved the Simpson's since it first aired when I was in Fourth class! What's your funniest moment?
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    The worst Irish person

    prompted from another thread, I find it hard to think of anyone that trumps Twink as a truly terrible human being. Fucking answer phone message to her ex was funny as fuck though.
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    Charity v's survival of the fittest

    What's the feeling out there about this, are we just prolonging the inevitable evolution of the species by donating money to charity and should we just let nature just go about its business in the poorer African nations or should we be doing everything that we can to prevent this?