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    Music scene suffers in the second city

    The Facts are out!:bday: CORK’S musical arena is now reduced to a learner’s corner or a "glorified" open mic session. Who, or what, is to blame? As a music student in the ’60s and ’70s and an avid gig-goer all my life, I would like to ask the good people of Cork — what is happening out there...
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    FAO Lima2Me

    Any chance you can log in there and give me all your resources, as i noticed your inactive, and have bodies working in the mines. Nice 1:bday:
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    Did anyone here ever sneak in to Henry's

    Through the roof that is>>>? Was just talking to a bud there, and we were on about the good ol days. I was telling him how i was never able to get in through the roof, as it was to dangerous. But he managed it a few times. 1. climb the wall down the ally, via the car park 2. jump across on to...
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    Metrosexualism in Big Brother!

    I’m have been watching Big Brother over the last few weeks, and I find it sad how all the male contestants are wearing nail varnish, hugging each other, sitting down with their arms around each other, wearing eye liner, waxing their legs, shaving their armpits , and getting sprayed with fake...
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    Spoken Word Poetry in Cork

    Is there anywhere in the city that does something like this>>>?:bday:
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    What is the best travel laptop?

    I am currently looking a something small and light, like the sony vaio 11.1 I have about 1500 yo yo to blow. All suggestions are very welcome Nice 1:bday:
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    What ever happened to Alb-y and Double-y?

    The power couple of the PROC, i was just looking at my friends list and it says their banned Should i break my friendship with them>>>?:bday:
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    New 96FM Wind Up Video

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    You been Warned!

    Just putting this vid up, for to give some of you morons a heads up. To be honest im looking forward to reading some of the smug know it all replys. Hi Daithi:bday:
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    FAO Daithi81

    Hows tricks>>>>>?:bday:
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    Zeitgist debunked

    There are two sides to every story, then there's the truth...:bday:
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    The Obama Deception

    Has anybody else watched it, if so what do you think?:bday:
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    The Obama Deception

    Has anybody else watched this, if so what do you think?:bday:
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    Andrea Corr

    ....what more can i say...:bday:
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    2 tickets for the premiere of Will Smiths new movie Seven pounds, Lester Square, red

    2 tickets for the premiere of Will Smiths new movie Seven pounds, Lester Square, red red carpet event for any London procers who are movie buffs, these tickets are going cheep, to the fastest bidder pm me for details :bday:
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    for anyone who can tell me who Leavebritneyalone really is, this individual wanna watch their step, cause the net is closing on their folly antics :bday:
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    Aleister Crowley - Masters of Darkness

    Was he just imagining he could do magic?:bday:
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    Good night, I love you all

    well most of ye...:bday:
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    Could this be why everyone is sick?

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    FAO db08

    your the nobber for spying on the houchies!!!;):bday: