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    Cork Lad Thinks About Cork Every 3 Seconds

    Is Toosexy, Conal?
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    Whacked at the creche

    I have always kind of been of the opinion that scumbags can shoot each other away as long as they like once they are harming no one else as it saves on the inevitable cost of imprisoning them which is substantial However, this is now starting to get a bit too close for comfort regularly, this...
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    UPC horizon

    I came home tonight and there's one of these yokes hooked up Other than a really annoying interface, what's actually good about this? It seems a bit like a kind of half way house Apple TV, Internet modem and high def tv box stuck together, but looks like it has potential to be lots more?
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    Man jailed for raping girls lured from birthday party

    doesnt say what the sentence handed down was I think this is one of the worst things I have ever read about :cry: You can only hope the cunt never sees the light of day again
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    Would you go on the telly?

    Not actors now, obviously they would If an opportunity for you to appear in a series/show cropped up - would you do it?
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    I came across this on the times this morning: All political bantz aside now, this is awful- a 12k grant would give these pair a bit of dignity and its not possible. They seem like decent people too and 12k is nothing FFS You'd despair at the allocation of money in this country at times...
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    The walking dead

    I had the misfortune of agreeing to watch this box set and episode 1 is just done Does this pile of steaming shite improve or am I destined for seasons of half dead fucking zombie nonsense?
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    Merkels gee

    So poor auld Dr. Angela broke her gee over the break Now I'm not one to take pleasure from others misfortune or to speculate, but I reckon the ski fall story is a ruse My money's on Ring_Y finally getting his grubby ginger mitts on his hero and focus of his fantasy, the doc.. All of his...
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    Car help please

    guys and gals I freely admit to knowing almost nothing about cars bar how to drive them I need to buy myself an estate (for shame).. and could do with a bit of advice Id want to spend say 10k max-ish as I have no interest in something depreciating by 3-4 grand a year. I have spent almost no...
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    PS performance data

    with the recent sick day abuse and now testing them for performance, I think its time we gave these guys a break Ireland clearly has the best equipped and most dedicated public service in the world UNREAL
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    Man present tips for PROC wimmin

    According to the times, this is what they want:
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    Revenue on the case

    I know RingYs on the prowl and he'll just tell me that they are incompetent degenerates... But he might just be right this time I have just received a letter from revenue telling me that I owe them 58 cent 58 fucking cent There was no stamp on the letter obviously but someone must have been...
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    Mr Mr?

    I wonder was his mail about Westport an elaborate effort to hide his actual location? :)
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    This fella sounds like great craic

    Dinner guest material? Funny formula: the sums in ‘The Simpsons’ Simon Singh’s book looks at complex maths gags in Springfield and in ‘Futurama’. So then, why do the Simpsons live at No 742? Simon Singh: ‘The number of the house in which the Simpsons live is 742 and for ages I couldn’t...
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    Karma's a bitch

    heh heh delighted that 2 of the main players behind the NOTW obtaining private information on people have their own dirty linen washed in public Karma bites them square in the hole, nicely played :) from the Times
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    ref punches player and then sends off 4 :)

    apologies if this has been posted before proper schamozzle...
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    Sex abuser set free

    from the Times Judge spares sex abuser from jail in line with daughter’s wishes Suspended sentence for businessman Oliver Haskett after pleading guilty to indecent assault Judge Carroll Moran said Oliver Haskett, a father of four, was guilty of a breach of trust and the fact he had abused his...
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    FAO Goats

    Fancy a trip to Greece? At least 10 ‘promising’ leads on Roma camp girl Blonde, blue-eyed Maria (4) discovered by Greek police in raid on Roma settlement A Greek charity said yesterday that it was pursuing at least 10 “promising leads” – many from parents whose children had gone missing –...
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    He won't do it again....

    Iran urged not to repeat execution of man who survived hanging Drug smuggler found alive in morgue is being nursed to recovery in preparation for second execution Amnesty International has urged Iran not to repeat an attempt to execute a drug smuggler who was found alive in a morgue after...
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    last man standing comps

    well SF.. I'm not the betting type but it's a buddys soccer club running it and theres €1500 up for grabs - tenner in so, last man standing veterans: what is the best tactic? pick strong teams initially and let the competition fall away trying to play it smart and save the strong teams or...