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    Jury Duty

    Anyone ever gotten a letter from the court to tell an employer to go away? Due to highly specific circumstances (caused by their own bad planning tbh) my employer is asking me to try and get out of jury duty as quickly as possible whereas I have no desire to accommodate them. I've never been...
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    Premiership Rugby Anyone know what's going on over in England? Dont follow the league closely but read abit about the Worcester debacle and that just seemed to be the owners being awful. Another team is in trouble now though, is the league in trouble...
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    NHL seasn 2021/22

    Any NHL fans in Cork? Got to see a game live in 2019 and into it abit since ,has a decent speed to it and plenty of games going on through the season
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    1889 Cork senior hurling championship

    Was looking into some old gaa stuff and found some sort of mix up with the 1889 hurling championship. In wikipedia it lists the final as a walkover for Blackrock over Aghada. The Aghada Gaa page it sources that from lays out...