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    Fota Wildlife welcomes new arrival

    First baby Indian Rhino arrives.
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    Italian general election kicking off, right wing expected to do well

    Right wing and first Women PM in Italian history is favoured to do well in elections happening now, this came following the collapse of the gvt which a snap election had been called. Italy has had I think it is 70 gvt's since WW2 but this one could be a momentous one. Big change might be...
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    Sweden moving in the direction of the right wing

    Latest from Swedish election results. Right wing parties have defeated the centre left government. The Swedish Democrats defeated the Christian Democrats and Social Democrats. The party was once a fringe party with an influx of migrants the right have done well.
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    Obama wins Emmy

    Two term former President of the US Barack Obama has win Emmy award for narrating series about about US National Parks.
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    Chile rejected new left wing constitution

    New gvt of Chile tried to introduce new constitution to replace the one used by Pinochet's dictatorship but it did not pass in a referendum. The reaction from abroad has been predictable that Chileans did the sensible thing. Let's hope they revisit this and a new constitution can be introduced...
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    Listening can be good for immunity

    According to Luke O Neill listening to music can defeat viruses so keep listening up m8's.😎
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    Finnish PM is in hot water over leaked video of her partying

    Sanna Marin, Finnish PM had to take a drug test over a party she was in that subsequently became public. She has hit out at critics who have been outraged by the video of the PM partying like it's 1999. Táinaiste Leo Varadker and Polish PM both gave their support to the embattled PM. The story...
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    A co - op in Berkeley California won't allow White people

    Apparently they only want people of colour to attend in the common area. The report says that those in the college are there to avoid White violence and presence. There has been outrage over this. I don't agree with it either, one form of racism for another, I blame Berkeley for allowing this...
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    Türkiye conducts attacks on Kurds in Syria

    Türkiye has begun it's attack on Kurdish positions in northern Syria and Syrian gvt which is also defending the Kurds is also coming under fire, this might be the beginning of a campaign to go after the Kurds much hated in Türkiye. This comes at the backdrop of improving relations between Ankara...
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    JK Rowling critisizes Globe theatre over Joan of Arc play

    JK Rowling is at it again apparently the Shakepearean Theatre has a play and they are having Joan of Arc portrayed as non binary, well JK is having none of this and as a strong women rights person she has critised the move, she is not alone so have others. They think it is rewriting history and...
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    Will Pelosi be visiting Palestine after going to Taiwan?

    The much anticipated trip she is taking to Asia she finally set down on Taiwan which is likely to rattle cages in Beijing but what I want to know is will she take the time to visit Palestine or Yemen? Both countries that are either under occupation or at war with their neighbour.
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    Iraqi's take over parliament

    The Iraqi people have stormed the parliament in Iraq, nobody was there. In protest against gvt corruption.
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    Tunusia votes on constititional question

    The Tunisians the only Arab country that has become a democracy since the Arab Spring (thank you very much Washington.🙄) held a vote on increasing the power of the president and shutting out the Islamists, those people nobody wants in power. Turnout was low and the opposition boycotted the vote...
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    Monkey crime spree in Japan

    A monkey has terrorised the city of Yamaguchi in Japan, a Macaque attacked 42 people, they are now going to use tranquilizers on the monkey. It is unknown if this is the actions of a single individual or a troop.
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    Pope visits Canada

    Pope Francis has made a pilgrimage of penance to Canada today to call for forgiveness about the abuse that went on in the churches against the indigenous people, he is being warmly received. From the 19th century or around that time, 1880's to the end of the 20th century shocking abuses took...
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    Biden's visit to Gulf states

    Before stopping off in the Gulf state to confront the Saudi king over the killing of Khashoggi Pres Biden visited Israel and Palestine, all very friendly but he did say when he over in the Arab Muslim world that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is the same as the way the British treated the...
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    Italian government has fallen

    Ireland might not be getting a new gvt but the same can't be said about Italy, breaking news: PM Mario Draghi to hand in his resignation. Looks like Italy might be having an early election.
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    Former Japanese PM Abe shot

    Attempted assasinaion of Shinzo Abe while giving a speech, election going on at the moment the campaigning has stopped, a Japanese man has been identified as the perpetrator, no new news on his condition. Former President Trump was the first to tweet about it and his sympathy for his good...
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    The long and winding road to Independence

    Scotland's Nicolas Sturgeon has asked the British court to allow them to go for another referendum. The SNP did very well in the last elections so they have a democratic mandate according to Sturgeon, this also increases the likelihood of a border poll in Northern Ireland.
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    French terrorist sentenced to life imprisonment

    Salah a Jihadist has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Paris today in the 2015 Bataclan attacks, 19 other accomplices were also sentenced. 5 are considered dead and one is in a Turkish prison. All had links to ISIS. During the trial he appeared to show remorse.