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    'Nam for 12 Days

    Flying in to Hanoi, making my way down to Ho-Chi Mhin. Thinking Hoi-an / Hue / Da Nang en route. Enlighten me. Where's worth going? What's worth seeing? x
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    Stupid People's Idea of a Smart Person

    Nod to Spank_y for the thread idea. Add on. Admittedly, I do listen to Rogan's podcast from time to time as he gets some interesting guests, that, however, doesn't make him any less of a cretin.
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    Weird Insults

    Was driving though Turners Cross last night when some scoby young fella ran out in front of the Bunk Mobile, nearly causing a crash. I wound down the window and told him to watch where he's going in future. He responded with "Fuck awf, ya dirty Geppetto!" U Fuckin Wot, M8? Dirty Geppetto...
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    The Hangover Thread

    The Bunk overdid it a smidgen last night. The grain met up with the grape and they proceeded beat the ever-loving shit out of my insides. Cold sweats. Banging headache. Nausea. Liquid defecation. The fry didn't help. The fry exacerbated the issue, to be honest. Time for a cold shower and a...
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    Hanging Your Boss Out To Dry

    My boss has dropped several bollocks already this week due to either glaring knowledge gaps that he refuses to acknowledge or complete indifference to what some members of his team are (not) doing (properly) that when pointed out he dismissed off hand as not an issue. These fuck ups have...
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    The Girlfriend's Brother Outed...

    Some bloke send my girlfriend a Facebook message today informing her that her younger brother is gay, and a bit of a heart-breaker, by all accounts. We've had our suspicions for a long time about which side he likes his bread buttered on, but he's not come out, so it's never been brought up...
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    New Zealand

    Looking to head there for a couple of weeks around December to see some friends. It looks amazing, but I don't have a whole load of time (which is a shame considering the trek to get there), so I'm looking for any must-see's / must-do's. Thanks in advance and all that.
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    Jarlath Regan - An Irishman Abroad Podcast

    Been listening to this the last few days, and it's pretty great. I wouldn't be a fan of Regan's stand-up, but he's really good at conducting long-form interviews. He gets a who's who of important Irish men / women from sports and the arts and really gets them to let their guard down. My personal...
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    Your Partner Going Through Your Phone

    Had a bit of a tet-e-tet with one of the buddies last night. He accused my girlfriend of telling his wife something that he had told me, which resulted in his wife tearing him a new one. This was only something trivial now, mind you. The girlfriend denied it up and down, and as one does, I sided...
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    Naans - A different Bread Altogether.

    Big fan of Kashmiri myself.
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    Your Best / Worst Drug Experience

    That blue ghost yokes thread got me thinking about my wilderness years. Feeling a bit nostalgic, if you will. Now, I've not dabbled in the auld scheduled substances in quite a while, but Christ, I had some mighty times when I was a younger man and willing to chuck any old thing down my neck or...
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    Recommend Me Some Useful Apps

    Was recently gifted a smart-phone by herself. I'm something of a luddite, but she insists that I can use it for more than not responding to texts and ignoring calls. With that in mind, tell me about some apps that are worth having. Useful things that I'll use every day, like. Before anyone says...
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    Annoying Co-Workers......

    Probably been done to death here, but sure what harm? Does exactly what it says on the tin. Have a rant about a co-worker, you know you want to. There's a Norn Iron lad in the office that's incapable of sitting quietly for anything that even resembles a reasonable amount of time. He has a...
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    Waterford Whispers Pwnd by N. Korea

    Anyone read that article about N. Korea landing a man on the sun in on Waterford Whisper yesterday? Funny out. It probably won't work but I'll put up the link anyway. 'cause I'm sound...
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    Rubber Bandits - Dad's Best Friend

    Love 'em or hate 'em, no denying they're one of the most original acts to ever come out of Ireland. Their new video is off the wall. Discuss. iYgPznBrjiA
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    Punishing Your Dog

    So, the hound just went outside caught a small rat / large mouse, killed it, brought it into the house and dumped it on the sofa. He's still a pup so these things are to be expected from time to time, but he had to be punished. My first time having a dog of my own so I'm still not sure about...