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    Shit second songs

    When an artist gets lucky and gets a hit. And then release a second song that goes nowhere. Discuss
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    Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes at parties when you were young.

    Those things were the fucking job. Home made and real with zero pretentiousness.
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    Iker Casillas heterosexuality goes BANG!

    Playing for the other side now.
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    Komodo Dragons

    Just watched a youtube vid of one of those brutal fuckers eating a deer alive. Indonesia is off my bucket list of places to visit.
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    RIP Uwe Seeler

    German legend. According to his wikapedia page he played one league match for Cork Celtic in 1978 at age of 42 and scored 2 goals in it.
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    People who post pics of thier baby/toddler on Facebook.

    I dont give a fuck about your ugly fucking baby/toddler. Its stupid fucking ugly close up face pic staring at me on my newsfeed. FUCK OFF.
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    Have you ever cum all over a womans tits?

    I have. Horny as fuck. Especially when she looks up at you and rubs your cum all over her tits. Not so much now in my older years. But in my 20's. The memories!!
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    Have you ever seen a Vlogger in real life on the street?

    I saw one today. Talking into his GoPro walking around. I wanted to punch the cunt so bad. They are annoying enough on youtube videos. But seeing one in real life near you...Jesus Christ!!!
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    I have rimmed i think 3 assholes in my life (womens). But those 3 were top of the range. Im not normally a fan of it. How many assholes no matter your sexuality but preferably straight tbh have you rimmed? Discuss
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    Alisha Lehmann

    Got to start watching womens football a lot more.
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    Couple have great day out at Auschwitz

    Fuckin hell
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    6ft plus tall blonde wans in Cork

    Im seeing a lot lately. Seen a couple in Dunnes lately. Maybe they were Dutch. They were as tall as myself. Im 6ft 3. Seen one today on Pana who must of been about 6ft 4. And they werent trannies. Definitely women.
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    Betty White RIP

    The last Golden Girl. Was just days away from her 100th birthday. RIP.
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    Facebook goes BANG!

    Been down worldwide for a few hours now. Start of a Cyber Pandemic? Clear out your bank accounts.
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    I want to become a hero

    How do i do this?
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    Shane from Home and Away RIP

    RIP Dieter Brummer. I remember he did a meet and greet thing at HMV Patrick street in the 90's that had to be called off because of crushes outside from all the young wans trying to get in.
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    James Bond Moonraker scene Mandela Effect

    I am 100% certain that the girl in this scene was wearing braces when i saw this movie multiple times as a kid. Anyone else remember this? EKptMhaTiYI
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    Did you ever pull the wings off a Johnny Long Legs?

    I didnt. But as a kid i was friends with a couple of psychotic kids who done this. And i feel bad about this but i did put a butterfly in a spider web to watch the spider come out and fuck him up. Also we would catch a big spider and put it on another spiders web to watch them fight. But they...
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    Badass South African security van driver foils hiest

    Anyone seen this? Unreal. txQCUANd4Kk&t=69s
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    Ignore. Double post error.