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    Faux Pais

    Just made one. I received word this morning that a colleague of mine passed away recently, he was based in a different office & I didn't have a whole lot to do with him but I did have to make a few phonecalls to our European offices to let them know of the situation. Anyhoo, rang one of the...
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    FAO: Anatidaephobia

    No ducks in here, love..... quack
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    New midwives in CUH starting on €28K pa

    Seems a bit small, doesn't it? I would have thought that job paid a much higher salary. Before anyone asks, I don't have a link, I just heard it mentioned on redfm news
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    Calling all Midleton men

    What's the name of that barber's place on the main street that does Turkish shaves? Ta......
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    Alright so

    33 mins left in my work day, s'pose I had better do something productive.....
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    Poor aul Britney.....

    Did anyone see her performance for the opening of the MTV Music Awards? She seemed doped up to the back teeth & couldn't lip sync for shit. Spent half her time onstage balancing against the back-up dancers. Her stylist should be fired for making her wear this: IMHO, the girl should get...
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    FAO: you know who you are

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    Yer wan who answers the phone in the FPC*

    Do you reckon she never gets the ride & that's why she sounds like such a miserable brown trout because she's knows those who call are getting their bones rattled on a regular basis? Answers on a postcard to...... fuck knows. *Family Planning Clinic
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    I was just about to head into Market Green shopping centre yesterday when there was a loud wailing sound, like one of those sirens used during WW2 to alert civilians to the fact that bomber planes were coming. Anything know what that was about? No explosions followed so I guess it wasn't a...
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    Neil Delamare & those lotto ads

    Can someone box the head off him please? Pillock.
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    I am too stoned.

    I actually said that to myself over the weekend, for the first time ever. Well, I thought it to myself. Being that I was in the state I was in, I couldn't physically say the words. Amsterdam = Mecca. S'up fuckers? It's been a while, like.
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    Question for the girlies

    If anyone knows where I can get my mits on a pair of gold (classy, not gawdy yellow) stiletto shoes, please point me in the direction of said shoe store. I only have this weekend to go searching & I hate trawling around all the shops, especially if it turns out to be a futile exercise. I'm...
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    This has probably been doing the rounds for years, regardless.....

    This has probably been doing the rounds for years, regardless..... Hehehehe.......
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    Just great...

    Another coup for the anti-weed campaigners.,,2136062,00.html Poxy researchers. What they need is a big fat spliff & to learn the art of chilling out.
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    FAO: Sunbed experts

    Right, I usually sport the pale & interesting look, I don't bother with bottle tans &/or sunbeds but I have an event coming up in just over 3 weeks that I would like to be bronzed for, a tan will match my outfit better. I would go the route of the fake bake but I'm shite at applying that stuff...
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    Money grabbing bastard

    My gp. I just rang there to see if he'd leave a prescription for me in the chemist's so I could collect it on my way home from work. No. I know what's wrong with me, he knows what's wrong with me, all he has to do is type up the few words on a piece of paper what I need & get one of the admin...
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    There probably is no cause for concern

    but it is kinda weird all the same. One of the tellers at my local Centra, a smiley guy, the kind you make small talk with while packing the shopping bag, a few weeks ago he went from small talk to 'Do you live at <insert angie's address here>?' By all accounts he's a complete stranger so...
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    I know him!

    Yer man over there on the right modelling the Ceart Go Leor t-shirt. Used to work with him, lovely guy. His missus is an absolute doll, we're still in touch on occasion. That is all.
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    When the palm of your left hand is itchy, it's a sign of

    When the palm of your left hand is itchy, it's a sign of ...?
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    Wedding pressie for the couple who have everything?

    One of my oldest & best friends is getting married next month, but herself & hubby to be have all the usual essentials as they've been living together for years, bought the house, had the kids, etc..... No idea what I should get them! Suggestions anyone? Ta.....