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    Grandaddy pack it in

    Gutted to discover that the new Grandaddy album is to be the last. Apparently Mr Lyttle has had enough, in the Grandaddy incarnation anyway though he says he will continue making music. Not too impressed by the album so far either, still that's the way with their albums of late, they tend to...
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    Gene Pitney

    R.I.P. Too bad.
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    F.A.O. London Procerati

    Here's your opportunity to witness some Cork based culture on display in that London. Cork artist Lorraine Mullins debut U.K. exhibition opens today- Thursday 26th Jan at the Form Gallery, Duke of York Square off Sloane Square, Chelsea. I can highly recommend a look if you should find...
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    Free web space

    Wheres the best site for free web space folks? I usually use eircom but now thanks to the genius of irish broadband they seem to think I am try to access from outside ireland. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Flannerys Mounted Head

    Well? Any of ye fine folk experience this last Friday night? Took a while for it to sink in to be honest, I wasn't quite sure if I enjoyed it or endured it initially but in retrospect it was most definitely principally the former. Good man Cathal boy!