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    Gerry Adams and N word

    I hear he's a racist now?
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    2 week break at Christmas

    So i dont want hang around at home during Christmas so have been thinking of a two week break somewhere in Europe. Backpacking and taking in a few cities. Any recommendations? Have been thinking Germany maybe Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt. Much buzz/nightlife going on in these cities over th...
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    The what teams are Pol following this year thread.

    Can anybody enlighten me? He spends so many times in difference club threads it's hard to know. Just want to avoid any confusion.
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    This ice bucket craic?

    what stupid shit is this?
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    The lovely girls competition

    Anyone heading to Tralee? Mad craic id say.
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    Never liked them. They behave like spoilt kids and know it alls.
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    GAA and match fixing

    After reading about the two U21 football semi finals on line and in the papers there seems alot stories of how bad/bias the referees decisions and performances were, with some peoples making claims (supporters/media) that a Dublin v Roscommon final would bring in a bigger gate in the final. Thus...
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    Korea ferry accident

    Awful stuff. Rescuers are hammering on the upturned hull of a capsized South Korean ferry hoping for a response from those trapped inside. They believe 287 people, mostly teenage schoolchildren, are trapped after the vessel started sinking more than 24 hours ago. Of the 475 passengers and...
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    Rare goat-sheep hybrid born in Kildare

    A Kildare farmer is the proud owner of a rare hybrid between a goat and a sheep. The half-goat half-sheep, which is known as a ‘geep’, was born to a ewe on Paddy Murphy’s farm two weeks ago today. Paddy, who also owns Murphy’s pub in Ballymore Eustace, said the ‘geep’ has thrived since birth...
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    Luke Kelly

    The Irish singer and musician Luke Kelly died 30 years ago today. He was a founder member of the Dubliners and still played with the group at the time of his death. What your favourite song of his? WMGvQ2v-ZRM
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    Hardest 15 gaelic footballers in your life time

    Again whats your 1-15? Will need to think about this.
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    The hardest 15 hurlers in your life time

    Whats your 1-15?
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    Ken Norton

    Was a great boxer and was unlucky that some of the best heavyweights ever were around at the time. RIP
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    I'm rich

    Helo Mr **** ****** How are you? About Oct. 2008, a client of mine ( Dave ******) made some fixed deposit with a Malaysian Bank. Unfortunately, Mr. Dave died after a brief illness as an effect of heart failure (Cardiac Arrest/Lung Cancer) on the 14th January 2009. I humbly apologize for the...
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    soccer; am i the only one?

    The premiershit hasn't even started and with the consent TV ads and transfer deadline im already fed up hearing about it. Lads making millions for kicking a ball around, no loyalty, going from one club to another. Lads in work taking about how their club will do this season who have no...
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    Finding bigfoot

    What a shit program. Cool story bro.
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    Tour de France (for Pol and his mates)

    Starts tomorrow in case you don't know .
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    Hot Shots 2

    On E4 now. Still funny after all these years.
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    Lot of people marching over there at the moment.
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    David Beckham

    Nearly caused a few deaths in China