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    Any others here do a conversion job themselves? We took the maiden voyage in our own this weekend, still a van for now, but I’ll sus layouts etc over the summer before converting for next year. Had a few days up around Doolin, cliffs of moher boat tour, parochial house, the usual spots...
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    Lockdown Hobbies!!

    So, now that we're starting to see an end in sight, what's been your secret weapon to get you through lockdown? I've thrown myself into guitar - self taught, playing 25+ years - started taking lessons via skype and doing music theory lessons myself online. Have been working from home the whole...
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    Any Proccers headed for Ballyshannon?

    Next weekend, music, booze and perhaps a little something to relax the body and mind as well 😃 Been threatening to make the pilgrimage for years, finally doing it. How the auld lad will cope in a tent for the weekend is another story.
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    Joe Bonamassa - Vicar St

    Anybody heading up next week? Looking forward to it myself - first time seeing him live, but have really started enjoying his music in the last year or two (don't know how I hadn't come across him before that, but whaddya do!)
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    I remember when i used be able to drink.....

    4 pints last night, home by half 11 and I'm in tatters this morning, spent a good deal of the night talking to the loo as well. What the hell!
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    Cotto or Alvares?

    Well lads who do ye fancy. Would love to see Cotto take it, but I think Canelo will make a statement tonight about his well deserved position in world boxing and the lb for lb rankings and dominate the fight getting a stoppage inside 7/8 rounds. Cotto is a warrior and I've always loved...
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    Anybody headed to Tough Mudder this weekend?

    As the title says? I'm headed up Saturday, my start time is 1pm, up and down the same day if anybody's looking for a spin or to carpool or whatever. Looking forward to it - have done feckall specific training, running has been severely curtailed by persistent calf strain, just want to have a...
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    What was your first guitar?

    The thread about crowleys got me thinking about when I started playing - what were other musically inclined proccers first guitars? I played my auldfellas acoustic originally, a lovely Yamaha that he still has, must be nearly 40 years old at this stage, lovely rich tone and still my favourite...
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    Seeing as there's no admins about....

    And jt's already 'unmasked' me, I may as well get some benefit for the business :D Anybody down East Cork way looking for personal training, or some pretty fantastic classes, give me a bell. Here's what I do, and how I like to train (talk the talk - walk the walk!) Anybody getting back into...
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    New Boxing Club in Midleton.....

    Hope the admins don't mind me posting this here, but it's a big deal (I think) and a badly needed club in the town down's a little announcement we'll have in papers etc next week.... It's Official! Midleton Boxing Club is now fully affiliated with the I.A.B.A. Brendan O’Shea and...
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    Sports Forum Fight

    In case anybody might be interested, I'm going to be fighting MMAFAN off here next Saturday (7th April) in a white collar boxing match. All proceeds are going to great causes, the Ronald McDonald Foundation and Crumlin Children's Hospital. Were friends, and run rival(ish) gyms off the board...
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    Right so - want to try some new coffee blends (for a cafetiere, not a machine) -recommend me some and tell me where I can get them please. Will be in the city tomorrow so can pick some up then.
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    Remember when WUMS used to be good?

    I miss those days. A bit of thought went into the windups. Not just the mindless drivel that goes on these days.
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    For those who say I only post good pics/vids of myself.

    Here's one of me getting knocked out last Saturday - textbook kick - shin across my neck and legs just went. GuejgOlsQCQ Was winning fight and winning it well up until that point & just got tagged. Shit happens eh :D
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    So who here trains with kettlebells....

    And if not, then why not! Seriously, I can't understand why every athlete in the country doesn't incorporate these into their training schedule. The workouts are short, and the benefits are insane - power, strength, speed, stamina, cardio - everything can be improved in quite a short time...
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    Nothing in life comes easy.....

    Train hard and the results will come. There's nothing sweeter than the taste of victory, or accomplishing a goal that you've been working towards for a while.
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    Gym membership in East Cork for €250

    Hey folks, I'm letting a number of memberships to my gym in Midleton go for only €250 for 2011. Numbers will be very limited, and opening times will suit those working during the day. The gym is primarily a Muay Thai/MMA gym, but I have a decent weights section, plenty dumbells, barbells...
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    Joe Satriani Tickets - Saturday 16th

    Howdy folks, I have 2 tickets for the Satriani gig in Vicar St. on Saturday week. Can't make the gig now, so looking to shift them.....€90 for the two tickets if anybody's interested. cheers, Brendan.
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    Do I have a leg to stand on?

    Right folks, bear with me for a moment here...I need some advice re. rental situation myself and the missus have gotten ourselves into. We moved into new house last weekend, and on moving some bits and pieces in (Saturday night) we spied the place was absolutely crawling....filthy cupboards...
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    Anybody here have any experience with Wimax

    I'm moving house soon, and they're 7mb package for only 35 a month seems quite tempting......supposed to be low contention rates.....compared with the 60 I'm paying vodafone a month for the same speed (which to be fair I usually get between 6 and 7mb/s on speedtests) is it worth changing to...