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    Smoke Machine On Connaught Avenue:

    This Could Break The Internet: Neil & PJ Will Be Busy I can feel the outrage simmering :D
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    NIREXIT.... How will you vote

    If Mary Lou gets her way, and the North votes to leave the UK, how would you vote in the 32 county poll to accept them. I don't think it will be a given that a majority will vote for this
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    This Describes More Than 95% of Them

    Conmen pretend to work for HSE By Pat Flynn MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2010
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    Reducing The Minimum Wage Helps The Country

    HOW? No one in the civil / public sector is on the minimum wage. And I'm unaware of anyone who has terms of employment where they get "the minimum wage" per hour
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    A Bit OTT It'll give the Gardai ideas :p
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    Alcohol And Violence Link

    Studies seem to think there might be a link :shock::shock:
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    Roberto Mancini - Genius

    .......At Stating The Bleeding Obvious "Ireland's problems in his head": Mancini
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    Thanks Dad

    This really made my day
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    "We are not Irish, we do not sacrifice ourselves for the rich,"

    "We are not Irish, we do not sacrifice ourselves for the rich," Well did we?
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    If you thought John Terry was a scumbag........

    Seems an equally high profile married English soccer international will be outed in the morning press as getting a 16yr old up the duff. Seems the old calendar may be needed to establish whether a criminal offence was committed when the sprog drops. Shame Scouserland isn't legally a part of...
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    Obviously An Aprils Fools

    On the day Anglo Irish Post a €12.7bn loss and announce that they won't be pursuing directors loans ( whilst still paying them pension!!:evil::evil: ) and gave the bosses than ran up the losses a €16mn bonus all of which the government in our name and with our cash are funding... To try and get...
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    WTF....... 2nd Time and Only 6 Years!!!!!!!!

    Read the article. Previous conviction for manslaughter after a 74 year old woman was killed when he robbed her house.... Now only gets 6 years for robbing another elderly woman... Sure I suppose he...
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    films that got crap reviews that surprised you

    Alexander...... Best Comedy Film of ALL Time
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    Cashmans Bookmakers......What a Fucking Joke

    Went into a branch of Cashmans yesterday to have a €20 e/w bet on Chamirey in the 1.05 from fontwell. The gimp behind the counter ( who is one of the Cashmans ) told me that he wasn't taking the bet as it wasn't an each way race. There was 7 horses in the race an according to their rules that...
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    Have A Look Of The Size Of That

    Watch on your man..............:silly: He'll probably accuse me of being a cunt now:D
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    Real Prison Breaks Net2 Features A Cork Break Out

    Featured a break out from a van in 2001 in Waterford while on transit to Cork Prison. Sean Bean very dramatic about it and the arch criminal involved..# The funny thing is he probably got released since it happened.:rolleyes: His name was Adrian Duke from Faranree