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    Search and Rescue

    Search and Rescue Helicopter flying the river at the moment.
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    Weekend at Bernie's comes to Carlow
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    Any trouble give Donnie Wiseman a shout.

    Some man for one man.
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    50th Anniversary of Internment

    This day 50 years ago Internment was introduced in the North.
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    Tellus Survey, Low flying aircraft.

    Received a flyer in the post this morning about this survey and notice of low flying aircraft in your area. They have taken all the fun out of this by pre warning people. Can you imagine the fun with cannabis plants...
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    What's the quack with the ducklings in Dublin?
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    For the man who has everything(or thought he did)

    Just seen an add for this: I now need to get a supply of Anti-Chaffing Ball Deodorant and some Ball Spray Toner. Man how did we survive without this?:eek::eek:
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    I became a Vet for the love of Animals.
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    Cobh People Too Much Iron in Their Diet

    I know a few from Cobh and they are a pretty tough bunch, but this takes this biscuit, what would you wipe your arse with after shitting this out?
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    The Hunger RTE Good show so far, based on the UCC book Atlas of the Great Irish Famine.
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    Ah! Lads put back the Goats Are we there yet?
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    Billy Murphy Driving For Work

    Billy in the RSA ad, Driving for work.
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    Sorry Me Hole
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    Willie Bocht
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    River Lee Walk Closed

    Gardaí are appealing for witnesses following the discovery of a body on the River Lee Walk. Gardaí are investigating the death of a man in his 40s at the ‘River Lee Walkway’ in Cork City. The body was discovered on the 22nd January 2019 at approximately 11.45am.
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    It's all the Devil's Fault

    You could not make this up, if anyone else came out with this they would be sectioned.
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    Anti-Conscription Campaign -100 years on

    War propaganda failed to conceal the horrific slaughter of the First World War, so with declining recruits the British government agreed a Military Service Bill to extend conscription to Ireland. Four days later April 20th, 1918 a unique meeting held in the Mansion House Dublin brought together...
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    Pensioner Arrested after Intruder Fatally Injured Who does the law protect?
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    Mass Eviction at Cork Apartments

    People at a block of apartments in Cork have been issued with notice of termination.
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    Stabbing on Glenryan Road

    Just heard there was a stabbing on Glenryan Road, lots of cops and ambulance there.