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    The Out of Traction and Back in Action Thread

    I back. I back.
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    Best game ever. Superficially it's a game of luck but it actually have amazingly deep strategy Addicted to the "Yahtzee and buddies" app on my phone. Planning on getting the Plants vs Zombies Yahtzee. I'm a big fan of both...
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    I am gay
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    The clip that sums up the PRoC for you

    This is mine: H6ed3Azw2Oo What's yours?
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    Journos PWNED!
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    Common Purpose

    A friend of the family is getting big into this crowd. They do motivational stuff and leadership training. Seems to be public sector-focused. But then the person's son starts finding all this tinfoil hat stuff online. What are they about? Career guidance with a philosophical bent or Fifth...
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    Goofy crap you fall for every time

    Amazing Grace. Never fails to elicit a tear from my jaundiced eye. _4-MyGsLl9A You got any other goofy crap that you fall for?
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    Phrases you've picked up from pop culture

    I love James Ellroy, right? L.A. Confidential, all that jazz. Item: An early morning snafu put the kibosh on breakfast. Item: I had two eat 'n' greets in the afternoon within an hour of each other. Item: I decided to call the first E'n'G breakfast. "Call the first one breakfast". Today, I...
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    Farmers Tan t-shirt apostrophe gaffe

    "Farmers Tan"? Really, PRoC? Really?
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    The Purpose of Existence

    You hear it all the time. "If there's no god or afterlife, there's no purpose. There's no real reason to live. What would be the point?" It's a beginner's question. It's a question you could spend your life trying to answer, and it'd be a waste. There is no purpose, of course. Purpose is a...
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    White Knightism

    We have our fair share of White Knights on PRoC, but please feel free to share any particularly egregious examples of White Knightism from out there in the cyberwaste. MlNUIIyDA_w
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    The Religion Poisons Everything Thread 1df_i26wh-w Family Has Horrifying, Violent Reaction To Son's Coming Out As Gay (GRAPHIC CONTENT) The Huffington Post | By Cavan Sieczkowski Sometimes coming-out stories are heartwarming tales of...
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    In 3 years, Smack My Bitch up will be 20 years old

    Feel free to post other disturbing time-related facts.
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    Ebola's in Ireland - WE ARE ALL DEAD

    On the 6:01. Body brought to Letterkenny General Hospital with Ebola like symptoms Thursday 21 August 2014 18.29 The HSE has said this is a suspected case of Ebola virus disease in Donegal The HSE has said this is a suspected case of Ebola virus...
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    Bitcoin mining and crypto currencies

    What in the name of god is it all about? Why do you earn bitcoins to solve maths problems? GmOzih6I1zs
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    Would you take a slave?

    Magic. Slavery's back. Would you buy a slave for €20? Anonymous poll to follow.
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    Actions that changed your life not insignificantly

    There was this person I liked, someone I was becoming good friends with, and she was telling me about how she overheard her neighbours discussing a dog that was missing in the area. She related that one neighbour said that the Chinese family down the road had probably eaten him. And I burst...
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    The Official PRoC Internet Debunking Thread

    "Fuck Her Right in the Pussy" Is the Worst Hoax of the Next 15 Minutes
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    Best Hangover TV

    Trailer Park Boys Pawn Stars