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    Power Cuts on the way.

    Thanks to the green we have power cuts on the way, no motorway to limerick no Galway bypass Dublins metro delayed Give then 10 years in power and we will be back to the horse and cart.
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    Greuther Furth German Soccer Club.

    any of you soccer experts know of any irish involvement in the foundation of this club. Club crest is the shamrock and club colours are green and white similar to hibs and celtic.
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    Civic Pride

    Was on my way to Helvic Head last Saturday and pulled into the lay by overlooking Dungarvan. While there a car pulled up to a rubbish bin the driver reached out to drop his rubbish into the bin.He dropped some rubbish on the ground and instead of doing what most people would do,he got out of his...
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    S U V's in the City

    Should they be banned,i say yes there is no need for someone to own a SUV if living in the city except if needed for work
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    Disabled Parking

    Would you ever confronted someone who you saw park in on the only disabled spot left in the car park, hop out of the car together with his partner and off out the Lee Fields for a walk or would you do what I did ignore it..
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    What was the first single/LP you bought

    the first single I bought was Angel Fingers Wizzard and as for LP it would have been something from Showaddywaddy. Oh the shame.
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    Derry City

    Anyone see the BBC programme on the BBC last light about Derry City joining the league of Ireland good show but by god the fashion of the eighties were dire. Cork City good a few mentions and even Kent station was shown.
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    John Le Carre died a rebel

    Documentary on BBC4 yesterday on John Le Carre where it says before he died and because of his utter hatred of Brexit he investigated his ancestory only to discover that he had irish ancestry from his granmothers side of the family and this was traced back to a townland close to Skibbereen.
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    The Ban and the GAA

    This year is the 50th anniversary of the removal of the ban with was votes on in Queens University.
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    GAA @ Wembley

    Considering the covid situation hear and the prospect of there been little or no crowds going to inter county matches i ask should the GAA consider using Wembley as an alternative venue this year. You could double up for both hurling and football semi finals and also play both finals as a double...
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    Nicola Sturgeon

    While i would be the first to admit i know little about Scottish politics over the last week or so i have to admit that she is one tough woman. All week we have seen continuous attacks on her by the right wing and even left wing papers and by tv stations especially Murdocks SKY but the...
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    Only in the USA

    A Texas mother is suing an electric company in the state for causing the death of her son during the recent cold spell of weather , she claims that because of a power cut her son froze to death. She is suing for €71 million . PS the son is'int even buried yet and she has been in court
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    Connie dodgers

    Anyone old enough to remember them or even better have eaten one.
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    Petrol/Diesel prices

    Anybody know what the reason for the increase in prices of fuel. last xmas i was paying €1.10 approx a litre for diesel and now the price varies around town from 1.22 to 1.30 in Circle K on the lower glanmire rd yesterday.
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    2 fm

    If RTE wants to save move the 1st thing it should do is get rid of this station. First of all their target audience is the under 30's the magority of them dont even own a tv licence,They to nothing to promote irish artists/bands etc unless they already have had success abroad,90%+ of the music...
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    Mick Malone

    he won 1 minor,4 u21 and 2 senior all ireland medals,some haul.I would say there is no other player with 4 u21 medals in the one code.
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    Best cork hurler to never win an all ireland medal

    Leaving out the period 2007-2021 who is the best player to retire without an all ireland medal.
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    american civil war

    Anyone recommend a good book or two on the battles of Chancellorsville and Fredrichsberg
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    Mary Lou and the Covid 19 Vaccine

    When the government announced that they had purchased 3 million doses of the vaccine Mary Lou suggested that some of these vaccines be sent up to the 6 counties thus depriving the people of the republic including SF supporters of the benefit of the vaccine.
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    Joe Duffy Show today

    Priest in the show today who has said the the irish government are as bad as the black and tans when it comes to preventing people from going to their places of workshop