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    Sacheen Littlefeather goes BANG!

    RIP Sacheen Littlefeather, the Native American activist and actress who was booed in 1973 as she refused an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando, has died aged 75, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has confirmed. The Academy announced her death in a tweet that quoted Littlefeather as...
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    How 'big a unit' are you?

    Are you a big unit? B
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    Fuck off 'Wren Boys'!

    These Kerry pricks seem rear their twig-filled heads around this time of year. B
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    That bully from your school, where is he / she now?

    No doubt they failed academically and in life in general. Bottom of the social scrapheap? Or are they a CEO of a thriving tech company? Where is the cunt (or cuntess) who bullied you in school? And how well are they doing? B
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    What's the 1st ovr 18's movie u watched as n underling?

    Mine?...Poltergeist. Scared the poltergeist out of me at 8 Yours? B
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    Who else here misses 'a good funeral'?

    We'll never see their like again... B
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    Fuck off log-ins, usernames, passwords, text codes!

    What a pain the hole life has become.... How many of these fucking time thieves do we have to entertain per day. B
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    Drinking water directly from the 'bathroom tap' this an exclusively Cork affliction? B
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    One word answers only: Ford's or Dunlop's?

    Dunlops. B
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    One word to describe your loved one?

    Generous. B
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    Stobart Air goes BANG!

    All Aer Lingus regional flights operated by Stobart Air have been cancelled with immediate effect after Stobart Air announced it has ceased operations. Aer Lingus said the airline informed them last night it was terminating its franchise agreement with Aer Lingus and was in the process of...
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    Sudocrem goes BANG!

    Closing the Dublin plant. Rash move. B
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    Prince Philip goes BANG!

    RIP b
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    Smiler's goes BANG!

    A Cork town's beloved chipper has announced it'll be closing in less than two weeks. The good news is it's not the end for Smilers in Carrigaline, but the bad news is their future business may not be in Cork's largest town. Locals say they're "gutted" as the takeaway said the 4th of April will...
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    Do your ears go 'up and down' when you smile?

    Well? B
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    What % of ur Wedding Guests are you still n touch with?

    Well married feens and beours, how many of the old mates who were at your wedding, who you'd thought you'd be 'fwends forever for', are you still in touch with? Go on, be honest! B
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    Who's 'losing it' in your family - right now?

    Well, well, well. It seems people are 'taking to the bed' left, right and fucking centre. Folks, who I thought were solid, are 'browned-off'. Who's losing it right now in your family? B
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    Is the road bowling on in Passage tomorrow?

    I feel like a loft or two. B
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    These people who call their husband 'my husband'...

    Do they have a kname? B
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    Guys ‘n’ Gals: let's share our memories of 'Channel 18'

    Dodgy boxes, and all. B