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    Bin charges by weight

    From July 2016 we will be paying by weight for waste disposal. OT will add approx 100e to yearly cost. Nanny state needs to check each house to make sure you are disposing of your waste legally. Seems a lot of our waste is going missing!
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    Thread I would like to see on proc

    Frank Murphy resigns from CCB with immediate effect.
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    Ban for using steroids. A Gaa first?

    A monaghan player on fringes of County team has received a 2 year ban for use of steroids. Connolly the player involved said he took them by accident. Imo there are a lot of accidents happening at inter county level and it's time for more frequent tests. Lots of rumours going around about teams...
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    5 million for FAI

    Just heard that Delaney has admitted that Fifa paid fai 5m to withdraw court case re Henry incident to world cup qualifier. Is this the first mention of this? Have to say it's news to me.
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    Variable mortgage rates

    Any posters have opinion on the way the banks are screwing people with rates way above the EU average rates?
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    No Offence

    New black comedy started on c4 last night. Outrageously funny. Could be a big winner.
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    Welcome to Ireland or Obrienland.

    Denis Obrien owns. TV stations. Newspapers. Irish Water. Mobile licence. Topaz. Oh and I forgot the big one Fine Gael. But as he said himself he was only the buyer! Who sold the country to him?
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    Who let the dogs out?

    Has the government and the chief whip lost the plot asking for Coppinger to withdraw her comments in the dail today? It would seem that they will do anything these days not to answer questions and Joan is the biggest culprit. The antics up there in the dail are a disgrace.
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    Minister Alan Kelly.

    Today Alan Kelly said that Fr Peter McVerry never has a positive attitude towards housing and that he never has anything poitive to say about anything. He also stated that he failed to turn up at a prearranged meeting. Has he lost the plot? Peter has been involved with homeless since the 1980s...
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    Can't access a Thread

    Could someone explain why I can access all threads exceptt one on the proc. I use a galaxy 4. I've tried clearing data cookies and refreshing but to no avail.
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    Kaymer has Rory style meltdown.

    Having led by 10 shots early in the final round Martin Kaymer is now one behind the leader Gary Stal and Rory is just 2 shots off the lead. This could well be the greatest meltdown in golf history.
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    Boko Haram

    This group attacked a town in Nigeria on Friday killing 2000 old people and children and I haven't heard anything about it on tv only what I saw in the guardian paper. Obviously not news worthy.👎
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    Charlie Flanagan does uturn

    Our minister for foreign affairs said today that a US military plane did land in Shannon. This is an act which infringes on our neutrality. This was after Mr. Flanagan had previously denied it on 4 previous occasions when questioned in the dail. Of course these serious matters didn't make...
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    Shane Ross to form new Political Party

    Shane has said today the time is rife for a new party. Based on the red C poll he is the preferred leader. Maybe the new alternative. Interesting times ahead.
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    lawless utopia

    Senator Lorraine Higgins lab said this morning that after the protests of the last few weeks Ireland had become a lawless utopia. Another politician that doesn't know what she is talking about. Considering this lady failed to get elected on 4 occasions one wonders where she even has a mandate to...
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    Next General Election.

    When do people think we will have our next GE. At the moment I can't see us having to wait till 2016. I predict we will have one in early March 2015.
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    Privatisation of Jack Lynch Tunnel

    Cork Council have decided to give the running of the Jack Lynch tunnel to a private company. The NRA have said that this does not necessarily mean that it will be tolled. They said that this would be a government decision. I won't hold my breath.
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    Sky TV

    In the last 10 months I've had poor reception. Last week I had a new HD box fitted and technican fixed signal. Since then I've had signal breaking up every day and no Ch 4 or E4. Is it the weather or has Sky just become a shit service? Help!
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    100 euro for night out for 20 year old?

    Henry McLean just did interview on streets of Cork re the Budget. A woman said she had 260 take home pay and her son aged 20 got 100 on the dole. Asked if the son handed up some money she said "no Sure 100 wouldn't go far on a night out for a 20 yr old. I tell him to put 20 Euro in the Credit...
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    Ice cream Vans

    Gardai in Dublin are investigating the use of ice cream Vans to launder money. Surely this doesn't happen in Cork.😉