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    Cork Footballers

    Depends on the "county." USGAA Nationals are done by the 3rd Sunday in August this year. Divisional Championships, i.e. Chicago, San Fran, etc. might last up until the week before that. New York has a lot more variability. Not sure when the Senior finals are. Seem to remember them being in...
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    Cork Footballers

    My overall takeaway from this season is that the bloodletting feels like it's stopped. That could be overly optimistic, but that's how it feels to this Cork supporter.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Has that happened much or ever before?
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    Cork Footballers

    The first thing noticeable about Jimmy's analysis was that he was completely unwilling to lick Kerry's hole in any way, shape, or form unlike the RTE crew. The second thing was that he had no problem saying that the ref rode Cork.
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    The Hurling Thread

    Not alone.
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    Cork Footballers

    "Given the issue was of Cork’s making, there is a high degree of dissatisfaction with the entrenched position of their football squad and management." That line caught my attention.
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    Qatar 2022..

    Can be New Zealand if they win, but cannot be Costa Rica because of the U.S.
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    Qatar 2022..

    So I don't think they can get Canada as well because they come from the same federation the U.S.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Is it just me or are Kilkenny at another level when it comes to pulling and dragging without getting a foul called?
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    Cork Footballers

    I think the point is that if a 14 year old is on both development squads, he's taking away a spot from another 14 year old who could be on one or the other squad, which means that Cork is developing one player that will ultimately have to choose one code as an adult anyway instead of 2. What...
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    Cork Footballers

    It doesn't, but having your best players consistently out with injuries isn't helping either. This forum is a bit reactionary at times, but it's the only place I see the question of Cork Football's injury-crisis discussed. At the risk of hearing from somebody's "reliable source," does anybody...
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    Cork Footballers

    Asking because I don't know. Are the players given S&C programs to do on their own? If so, are there trainers monitoring those? In football, moreso than hurling, we have players from every corner of the county. My question - are there lads on their own squatting and dead-lifting on their own...
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    2021 County Senior Football Championship

    There's an edge to this Barrs team that has been sorely lacking in Cork teams for a while. Dennis O'Brien tearing into them.
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Great champions of the modern era - Limerick in hurling and Dublin in football the two most obvious examples - will look for the chink in your armour. If they find it early, they will destroy you early as happened to us in August. If you set up in a way that they're unfamiliar with, they'll take...
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    Anybody with any experience with building a social network using BuddyPress? If so, is it worth it to pay for a theme?
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    Taught English in Portugal or Spain?

    Was just wondering if anybody had ever taught English in Portugal or Spain. Probably more interested in Spain to be fair. Currently, living in America, but kept my Irish citizenship (of course), but am looking to be closer to home. I've been teaching ESL here for about a year, and was wondering...
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    Advice Needed - Dublin to Cork, Sunday Morning.

    Visiting Ireland for the first time in nearly 2 years this Sunday. Need advice. My flight arrives in Dublin at 6:50am on Sunday morning. I'm looking around but there doesn't seem to be any flights to Cork at that time, or is there some mysterious source of flights that I'm missing? Aer Arann...
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    Simple Question: Soccer or Football

    What is the most globally accepted name of the game that FIFA governs? Is it football or soccer? When I was growing up in Ireland it was soccer cause we called gaelic football, football. Soccer was sometimes referred to as football, but when it was an organized game it was always soccer...
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    Documentary Making

    Any tips on how to get started in same. What's the bare minimum of equipment required, etc. Thanks in advance for any useful advice.
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    Antivirus 2009

    Seriously, what is the safe way to get rid of this shit??? :mad::mad::mad: