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    What is a nation?

    I was thinking about this earlier. People are patriotic and talk about love of country and the like. What do they mean when they talk of a 'nation' and what are they proud of? Is it the land, the people, the government, the culture? If Ireland's population switched land with somewhere like Cuba...
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    Israel to announce Unilateral ceasefire?
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    Pound Sterling R.I.P?

    Obviously Brown is an incompetant politician but have his actions as Chancellor and PM of Britain actually brought the end to the British currency? Will they be looking to join the Euro anytime soon? Here's a quick glance at today's changes in the value of the GBP Vs. Euro...
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    Gallas stripped of captaincy

    Unconfirmed as yet but seems likely after recent outburst.,19528,11661_4531574,00.html
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    What is with all the contraception ads on Red FM?

    Where are the standards like?
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    who is the youngest procer?

    In reply to the other thread, I present a different spin on the idea.
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    "I'm Not Gay"

    Apparently he doesn't appreciate homosexuality. He'd get on well with Mrs.Robinson. kCtrnRzdrjM
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    Tonight's Match

    Does anyone really care? I'm not watching it, I'm too busy watching trees rustle in the wind.
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    Good Funeral

    This is what mine will be like
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    Did You Know?

    pMcfrLYDm2U Discuss.
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    Wasps Nest

    Was in the loft looking for some PC stuff and as I opened the loft door a wasp fell out. Went into loft and found many dead wasps laying around. Looked around a bit and found a nest which was being built. Was no bigger than a child's fist but still a threat for the future. Held a plastic bag...
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    The Official Six Nations 2008 Thread

    Ireland got the win but rather disappointing performance like. Win is a win I guess. England on the other hand - LOL.
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    Britain has become a 'Catholic country' Woo.
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    President Ahmadinejad

    What is your opinion on the President of Iran?
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    Party Advice

    Hey everyone. I'm currently living in London, but hope to move to Cork after I've finished Sixth Form and then my degree at University. I feel slightly stupid, but I'm not sure which party is for me. I've read lots about Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Sinn Fein but I don't really know much about...