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    Cork hurlings next manager

    Kingston resigns . So whos next in the hot seat , Pat Ryans my no 1 if he wants it.
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    Eco graveyard

    Green party put in a motion to Cork city council for an Eco burial area in a cork graveyard. My god have what next
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    OOT (Ole Out Thread ) OLE has to go. Id say Mourinho would do a job.
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    Temp cameras being installed

    Whats the story with these temp cameras been set up , seen few around bishopstown . Are they serveying traffic or what ?
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    Best club hurler you saw

    Who is the best club hurler you saw . Ill have to go away and think about that one and come back.
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    GAA Complaints thread

    Since theres a complaints thread about Cork county board surely there should be one on the GAA. PURE BOLLOXOGY today with the hurling changes . Im fuming what is becoming of this once great orginisation .
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    Next Cork hurling manager

    Since the announcement of Kingston stepping down , a thread for peoples thoughts on who should be next manager. I think Pat Ryan should get it as long as same selectors on board and Pat to get another 1 or 2 in
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    The crossing

    Watching this doc now on rte1 on the navy rescuing migrants off the Mediterranean , I tell ya there some bunch of men and women . This is unbelievable viewing so fucking grim
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    Honeymoon party

    I'm after hearing people going to these parties WTF is a honeymoon party ffs like Discuss
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    Jurgen klopp goes bang

    How long will he last , I give him the summer when he goes to Bayern
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    Cork new hurling manager

    Since The legend JBM had stepped down , who's will be next manager of the Cork hurlers Also interesting to see what process the CCB will choose , will they go down the football way with 3 ex players Grady is the obvious pick but he'll stay away from it What are people's choices
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    Split the GAA

    Should the GAA split into 2 organisations under the one umbrella,Hurling run by hurling people and football run by football people ,Have the hurling HQ in Thurles bulid it up to 80,000 ,maybe even have two seasons ,a hurling season April to July and have football season July to Oct ,that would...
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    what party will people vote in local & euro election

    what party will people vote in local & euro election With the local & euro election coming up ,will the political elite parties of Ireland do well or will the people vote their anger if there is anger out there
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    Something you hear at a hurling/football game

    Pull on the ground for fuck sake :D
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    Next Cork football manager

    Ok since Conor has vacated the job ,who's going to be in the running ,Ronan McCarthy,Brian Cuthbert,John Cleary,Niall Cahalane,Tony Leahy ,any others people have in mind ,who be the favourite
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    Things you dislike about the GAA

    the way club championship is run and the way the club player is treated
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    Things you like about the GAA

    Watching a team improve after you training them for a few months
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    andy gone from sky sports

    thank god hes gone he was shocking anyway