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    Should RTÉ step in or…

    …would the usual mouthpieces just claim its a stunt and digital virtue signalling??
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    Ultracapacitor and Lithium Ion battery hybrid system.

    Anyone here know any vendors (or installers) for an Ultracapacitor and Lithium Ion battery hybrid system for a domestic application? I’m looking to power my heat pump with a Powerwall made up of lithium ion batteries and ultracapacitor(s) (working in tandem) which are kept juiced up using solar...
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    Road side small wind turbine, where to get??

    Where can I source one of those small roadside wind turbines (like the one just before the Mahon exit heading westbound on the ring road). Any “mini” wind turbines I see online are over 1.2 metre in diameter. I can’t seem to find a vendor for the roadside ones I’ve seen.
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    NI Marching Season 2021

    Well, the ‘white nights’ of summer are rolling in and NI marching season will be soon upon us. Would the nationalist community north AND south have the foresight to band together and say to the loyalist community...March away lads, anywhere you want, unmolested through any of previous...
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    Do these numpties have no imagination?

    On the radio this morning, adverts: Allianz slogan = We Cover Courage AIB slogan = We Back Brave Good to see the sales and marketing courses in universities are at the cutting edge. It seems to be a policy of copy and paste. 4 years well spent in college it seems if this is the level of their...
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    3M thinsulate climate control film

    Has anyone had any experience with this stuff? Looking at getting a heat pump install over the summer and wondering if this stuff will reduce the heat loss of my double glazed windows therefore increasing the efficiency of the heat pump. Any...
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    Who salts/grits our roads in Cork?

    What body salts and grits our roads here in Cork city and county? Is it TII or is it the councils. If its the councils, then may I say...a job very well done!! Good work by all involved. The salting trucks have been gritting the roads for the last to weeks without fail and now that we had some...
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    Tracey Kennedy. Time’s up. Did she do alright?

    Helped get rid of frank and other dead wood like Bob Ryan, and chaperoned in the new regime. That’s something at least.
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    Oceans Apart: Greed, Betrayal and Pacific Island Rugby

    Brilliant hour long documentary on the disgusting treatment of Pacific islands rugby by World Rugby. Homeless islanders playing international test rugby and not being paid. Training in their bare feet. Not even footballs to play with. Shame on you IRFU and World Rugby. Worse than FIFA. I hope...
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    Ryanair flight change policy. The fu***ers!

    The new Ryanair flight change policy is a complete joke. I booked flights at Christmas, in good faith, and now I am being hammered with a hefty charge for changing my flights. Yet someone who took a punt and gamble who booked a flight in June (and now doesn't want/cant travel) is being allowed...
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    Snooker masters 2020

    Just watching the masters on BBC two and, my word, the ref is smoking hot. How are Higgins and carter focusing on their play. Let’s just say it’s not your usual balding grey haired fart. Yum yum.
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    Energy saving light bulb query.

    Has anybody any knowledge of why energy saving light bulbs get dangerously hot? I use these in almost every room in the house and I went to take one out recently that had been on for a few hours previously and it was scalding hot. Even dangerously so. It was mostly the ballast part, the glass...
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    Single carriage bus lane down the centre of roads??

    Why is there no appetite to design Corks bus lane network with a dedicated single bus lane down the centre of our roads, even its on our arterial routes around the city that can handle design?? I have always found it ridiculously strange that engineers are dead set on sticking a bus lane up...
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    Dublin to join Munster SFC...

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    Kiwi sour grapes

    SA win the game and straight away the nz press are after Nigel Owens for a penalty not given for a suspect offside in the dying minutes. Can they not lose with grace. Sour bunch the lot of them.
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    Are these gangsters still getting paid??? I bet if their plush salaries were stopped the assembly would be back up and running in no time. Must be some job to get a six figure salary for doing...
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    Someone in the Irish indo has it in for Duffy.

    No doubt about it. Since Gavin Duffy announced his interest in the presidential election, the Irish indo has run a suite of stories with what appears to be a sole purpose of undermining the man. Stories range from his involvement with the hunting fraternity to his ownership of his family home...
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    Can Galway win the double?

    Looking good so far. Discuss
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    Can Galway win the double?

    Looking good so far. Discuss
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    Would you support a...

    ...United Ireland if it embraced unionist values. For example: Family oriented Orange Parades on pana on July 12th. Ulster emblems on the Irish flag (maybe a crown). Change in national anthem. Etc. Discuss