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    Wimbledon 22

    I see there is a Norrie playing in the men's singles at the moment. Brexit has a lot to answer for!
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    Ray Liotta goes Bang.

    67 years old died in his sleep. Good fellas was a classic.
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    The DUP. An Raving Looney Party

    How stupid are these guys to still believe that Boris is on their side after dumping them at least twice already? Do they really believe that they can hold the people of the North to ransom?
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    Shooting in North Cork

    Anybody hear about a shooting and a Garda stand off in Castlemagner North Cork this morning?
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    Eir webmail now charging

    From today Eir are charging for all email accounts. Have they lost the plot? Who will pay for this service when it's free from other providers?
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    Rte Bratislava Trip

    Rte recently ran a competition for a trip to this match. It doesn't appear on their website now. Vanished. Nice money spinner for them. Rte profiteering on Covid 19. Not that anyone could or would go seeing as it not happening but do rte get to pocket all the money for themselves.
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    Theresa May Protest Song.

    This song is causing a bit of an uproar.
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    Project Eagle

    800 million lost. No one will be blamed and Minister Noonan up to his eyes in this corruption. Thanks Enda and thanks fg.
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    Mobile phone plans

    Does anyone know of the best deals out there?
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    Dave Fitzgerald about to go .

    Rumours abound that he is about to get the boot. Some players want him out. Any updates?
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    Blondie Horgan RIP

    A star and a gentleman rip.
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    Variable mortgage rates A storm may be brewing for government prior to election. It would seem that the campaign to lower variable rate is gathering strength. No harm when you consider the rates in...
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    Rte news goes bang.

    Rte have apologised for delay in bringing 9pm. News. Enda hasn't handed in the draft yet
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    GE in November.

    Going by Endas comments this morning it would seem we will be going to the polls in November. Some people will be getting Xmas present early. Others will have an appointment with the Bad Santa. Should be fun. I won't hold my breath till election is called as this guy is like the Irish weather.