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    Bonnar O Loinsaigh Stopped from Entering US

    Young Abdool who has an irish passport is not allowed into the US to promote Hurling. He was stopped boarding flight as Dublin airport. Clealry the yanks feel hurling is going to take over from baseball
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    Liam Cahill goes bang

    Liam Cahill who famously ran the Fear Rua Website until he had to shut it down due to threads of being sued has passed away. RIP. It was a great site in its time.
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    Google Issues

    Anyone having problem iwth google services at the moment. EMail and google drive affecting millions across europe it seems.
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    Open up Ireland Outside the pale

    There seems to be total silence in the media on this but to me its obvious. Look at the map on RTE or of the stats. There is no real danger in the rest of the country including Cork Galway and Limerick. Of the 20k infected 0.5% are in Carlow thats 100 people...and yet the whole county is...
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    Marian Finucane goes bang

    Broadcaster marian finucane has died according to rte
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    Jesus was Gay

    Netflix bringing out a production with a gay jesus. Bible belt in States going mental. He has form in this area but who knows.
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    The Official Swimming Thread

    Hard luck to Mona today. Is there something about Irish sports stars that we are not psychologically prepared. Second question is why she was allowed to swim in the relay this morning.She should have been away from the pool
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    Whatever happened to Martins Life and Sminky Shorts

    Just came upon these again. Martins life is comedy gold but it seemed to die a death. The sminky lads have disappeared as well. Have they gone working for someone else...disney animation Just to remind us all
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    Prince William is a nobber

    Seems young willie was using his willy outside the marriage bedroom. Hard to change the family genes in fairness. At least he has higher standards than his Da who left Diana for a mule. Williams mistress is a model and a friend of the missus. Strange how british press cant report this.
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    Jesus goes bang (again)!

    News coming in is that Jesus has died at three o clock. Its the 2020th time that the poor lad has died at this stage.Its an awful tragedy. To add to his woes, the makers of South park are suing his estate for the copyright on continuous death. South park producers state that Kenny has the right...
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    Bro Gibson Taken nearly 40 years. He was infamous in the mon in 70s. You can't wear your jocks when training. IF you got a sliotar in the bollix, you...
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    Rockforest Homes gone bang?

    Rumours around that rockforest gone bust. I got two texts over the weekend but cant confirm officially.
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    yummy mummies

    i just watched one episode of this. Have a look. its mad. Its actually offenisve to women. Imagine being surrounded by these thick women
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    Constance Smith

    Good documentary on Limerick actress constance smith on TG4 now. She looks a bit like Delores O Riordan.
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    First Births of the year

    I smell BS with this. Every year the first fwe babies are born a few seconds past midnight. THere are 63000 births per annum in Ireland. Thats one birth every seven minutes. So how come thay always come within a few seconds. Does the mother stop pushing until 11.55? Or is it fake. Any medical...
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    Regina Doherty

    There is aomething about her. She has the porno secretary look which turns me on. She looked hot tonight on the telly
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    Nuns on the Run

    500k robbed and spent on the casinos. It sounds straight from a comedy. Imagine the two of them rolling on dough in the bed of some seedy hotel. Even stranger is the reaction of fellow gamblers when a nun sits down beside them and says hit me...
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    Michael Healy Rae is a Corkman

    Shocking relevation. Should we be worried. At least we will get the tunnel interchange, event centre and limerick motorway by the end of the year.
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    Freedom of the City to Gina London

    Here is my case for Corks 'own' Gina. She no longer has Dale hayes and the champions with her.
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    Members who use phrases like mate or M8 are West Brits

    I notice on the proc forum that a lot of contributers use the word mate or "m8". If they were really cork langers surely they would refrain from this out of embarresment. In the 50s lads who spoke like this were called dagenham yanks. Why cant they use more coloquiel phrases like "boy" or "lad".