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    Anyone not getting the vaccine?

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    This word is everywhere
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    One of the sweetest strikers of a sliotar I've ever seen
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    Pre HRA Hours

    Any expert on this? Returning to working hours pre Haddington Road agreement
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    Forearm infected

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    Would you let Fifi blow you?

    Well Max in Kilkenny blew his load all over her face after the county final Yay or neigh
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    Learning an instrument

    Would love to start learning a musical instrument Never played anything in my life bar small spell at tin whistle that i hated I'd have zero confidence in learning something But lately I've gotten a gra for concertina or maybe two row accordion. Other obstacle is finding a tutor Any advice from...
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    Teams that are in the wrong grade

    Let's look at Intermediate A to Senior in hurling and football. Senior Football Dohenys St Nicks Aghada Seandun carrigaline Muskerry Beara Prem Intermediate Ballinora Grenagh Intermediate A Carrigaline Douglas Ballydesmond Clonakilty Senior Hurling Newcestown Ballyhea Carbery Avondhu...
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    Home Gym Equipment

    Any one purchase gym equipment recently in Ireland Looking for something that doesn't take up too much space Mainly looking for a rack that's suitable for me to do squat and Bench. Power cages would be too high for my space I've had a look at, D8 Fitness and Irish Lifting Any...
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    Anyone recommend a place to buy seasoned Firewood A few websites in Cork and Cork Firewood Company seem to have the most professional set up. Think they are based in Kilbrin Anyone had dealings with this company or recommend anyone to deliver a good load of wood No pun intended
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    Driveway Kerbs

    Anyone have experience with painting these? Mine look old and battered, I've seen a few houses with painted Kerbs but not so sure how it would look
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    Lee Fields

    I pass this most evenings on the way home from work, is it Cork City Council is in charge of maintaining this. Totally overgrown currently. In the current weather it looks a mess. Is it that costly to keep the grass down on it? Jokeshop
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    Likely sentence?

    In a victim impact statement the woman said there are no words to describe the impact of the trauma A 74-year-old woman has said her world has been shattered and her life broken after being raped by a 24-year-old man. Anthony Hussey, from Ardshillane, Sneem, Co Kerry, pleaded guilty to two...
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    Crossfit Women

    Why do they all have small tits? I
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    Castlehaven v O'Donovan Rossa

    Very little talk about this How do we see this going? Should be a huge crowd in Pairc Sunday It's a pity it wasn't kept in West Cork, Dunmanway would have been a suitable venue
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    Cadburys Golden Crisp

    €1.35 for a bar I paid recently Serious jump in prices and bars seem to be alot smaller now A Mars bar looks like its halved I'm fairly certain that most Cadbury bars were about 0.35p back in 2001, when the euro came in were they about €0.65. Serious jump in price since
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    Smelling your own Farts

    Who does this? Everyone? Really smelly ones you take great pride in and sniff all of it in. What makes us do it and why do we feel so proud
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    What's her story?

    Old woman I've come across a few times over the last few weeks Reminds me of Brenda Fricker character of Home Alone 2 Dressed in all grey, numerous coats on her. Both hands carrying plastic bags of god knows what Seen her walking around Sundays Well recently and then last thurs on my way to...
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    Traffic lights in the city

    Have these changed recently? No pun intended But seems the lights by the Cork Opera House down to the lights by Forde's funeral home at the bottom of shandon street have recently changed, everywhere is backed up. Down by the Coldquay at 5:00pm today traffic backed up from the start of Argos...