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    The train to Youghal/Waterford

    Just a quick point on this. I had drop and collect a daughter working in Millipore for a few weeks. Reason she cant use public transport is that it is lethal to try to get to Carrigtwohill from this side. There are no footpaths at all and it really is dangerous to walk across the roundabout at...
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    Cork Developments

    O callaghans have nothing to do with prism.
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    pj coogan show

    These listnership figures are a joke.... the radio equivalent of the primary school sports where everyone gets a medal.
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    The Hurling Thread

    I think we need to give it a chance and see how it works out. It would be great to have a few midweek club games as well. Down the park for the glen v rocckies would wet my appetite on thursday or friday night. One other point. How any all irelands did we lose in september to kilkenny or...
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    The RTE license

    WHat do you know about the orchestra? PLease get started.
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    12th/Bonfire night

    Well if these bonfires are supposed to scare me well its working. I dont want the nordys joining us. I dont care about the money or how many billions it will cost but they are all a little bit lawless. Part of their culture bread in for 100 years. Lets be honest, most people are happy we have a...
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    It amazing how people have tinted memories. Ger Cunningham was the best goalkeeper over a long period and I rememeber them all back to Paddy Barry. Paddy Barry..... Could be brilliant but could be awful as well. Brilliant in 1970, shocking in 72 and against Waterford in 74. Martin Coleman...
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    Cork hurlings next manager

    I certainly dont have an agenda in critiscing Sully. He was a fine player and im sure he probably was somebody good to have on the backroom team. However even if he was euro geller for the mind games and gave speechs like Ian Paisley, his time is up. He can throw his hat in the ring for all I...
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    Cork hurlings next manager

    Its not us. I am happy to move on. Its sully and mul who are bringing it up
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    Cork hurlings next manager

    Any one got a link to the interview he gave about meyler....
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    What is the finest building in Cork?

    My favourite at the moment. Love this area.
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    The Hurling Thread

    Well now that was interesting.... lomg grass comes up again.... i actually thought it was bullshit too at the time
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    Cork hurlings next manager

    Ben o Connor
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    The Hurling Thread

    All over now
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    Cork Footballers

    Ive lost interest in Football a good while back but i did watch the games over the weekend. The game is poxy to look at and this fear of taking a shot for a point seems to be holding the game by the throat. The back and forth play by everyone is boring but its also only providing minimum...
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    The Mick Lynch appreciation thread .

    So he could be related to jack lynch?
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    Is it me or is our government and corpos are fecking us over?

    Ok so lets see what will SF do... See above some comments.... i cant wait for SF to come in coz they will make fuckall difference and ill be proven right.
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    Abortion law/US..

    Agreed. Abortions are messy though. Could we not use gas?
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    Is it me or is our government and corpos are fecking us over?

    Seriously.... Do you actually believe all of what you just wrote. You actually think if we vote in somone different then we will be better off. You are assuming that government actually controls the country, that say minister of health controls the hospital. When the next crowd come in they will...