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    Ouch! Google dumps Microsoft
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    more on html5 and codecs

    would be interested to get some opinions here.
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    interesting article re. flash & video on the interwebs

    interesting article re. flash & video on the interwebs
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    JQuery or Prototype?

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    Thought this was funny...

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    can anyone recommend a good back-doctor?

    having a few problems with my back, need to see someone, any recommendations welcome, I've tried a few options already (chiropractic and acupuncture) and i'm leaning towards seeing an osteopath, but if anyone can recommend a better option (e.g. physio), i'm open to suggestions cheers
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    What sites do people use to host video?

    besides youtube and vimeo...
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    Email server setup

    Hi geeks I've just deployed a rails app for a company here on my own slice, and now I have to set up an email server for them. Since this is my first time doing this, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions re. an easy way of doing this?... Can I just set it up easily using Mozilla...
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    Question for the programming geeks re. mp3 MIME types

    ok, so I'm building an app that requires upload of mp3 files I'm performing my validations of the uploaded mp3, to make sure it's of the right mime type. Problem is, I"m testing it with mp3's on my computer, and i'm getting some weird results. All the mp3's I've tried have failed the...
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    What languages does everyone here use

    Just out of curiosity (and for reference) What programming languages have you guys used? Me: primarily ruby (on rails)... I've used Java quite a bit also, some C, and C++ (quite a while ago now though)... some C#.NET (in college)... scripting languages, I've used javascript (and AJAX) - and I...
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    UML tool, recommendations?

    Hi can anyone recommend a decent (free) UML tool for OS X??... particularly i need it for ERD diagrams cheers
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    We're being observed

    Someone's been making David Attenborough-esque nature shows about Cork people... from : "Cork is a safer city than Dublin both during the day and night although during the night caution should be taken with regard to the odd rough looking individual. At night...
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    Ruby on Rails in Cork?

    any Rails heads out there?...
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    what fucking shit is this??... can anyone explain?
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    Need some recommendations re. studio gear

    actually it's not for me... but I need to get a decent inexpensive studio mic and monitors for a friend... the budget is around about 1200 euro for both, give or take a little.... so 7-800 for the monitors, and about 500 for the mic thanks in advance
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    Irish times/Institute of public health show new levels of stupidity

    Irish times/Institute of public health show new levels of stupidity obviously education didn't play a factor with the following poll: what i'm wondering here is why nobody raised the glaringly obvious question: "isn't poor...
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    One for the coders here... if anyone decides to have a crack off this, I might be able to hook you up with a paying project... I would myself, except i'm too damn busy... bah!
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    Logic, Pro-Tools, Cubase, or Nuendo?

    which is best?, and why?
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    Adobe AIR

    anyone here using it? what's the verdict?
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    Want to buy a macbook pro

    any recommendations for where I can get a good price? Thinking about getting a friend to bring one back from the states for me, because it's about 500 euro cheaper... but he may not be able to help... any other suggestions?