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    The next crisis - starved of oil

    We have only just had our normal freedoms restored and another crisis is looming coming out of the war in Ukraine. As a global population we have demonstrated we can be convinced to limit our movements with the survival of human race being what’s at stake. Here we have the next one with plans...
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    No drive for RTÉ resignations?

    Up to now the media, especially RTÉ have been in a zealot like state when it comes to chastising other public figures in to resigning from their posts when they step out of line, especially if it relates to Covid. Leo Varadkar, Big Phil, Big Bad Woulfe to name but a few for Covid infringements...
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    With all this working from home I’ve discovered we have Robins in the front garden and another “family” in the rear garden. The one on the front is getting a little braver. Has anyone managed to tame a Robin, I’ve heard stories about friendly Robins, was gonna try this method...
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    New Chinese restaurant opens in Newry

    Mi Ow Tas Ti
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    Deprived or Affluent?

    So check out here if you are living in loserville or winner's row
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    What was Preachers called before Preachers?

    Anyone any ideas? It must have been a good while ago.
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    Project Children - Northern Ireland

    Very interesting programme this evening. T'was a Corkman that brought about peace in Northern Ireland, Denis Mulcahy. His, plus his brothers and friends idea brought about the introduction of Bill Clinton to the discussion...
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    Dopes to burn EU flag outside City Hall

    What has the EU ever done for us? This act will have resounding the design of flame retardant flags.
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    Christmas Quiz - Questions needed

    Topic - General Knowledge I've been asked to come up with 25 General Knowledge questions for a table quiz for work (we usually start the morning of the Christmas party with a quiz). Straight away I thought of asking the creative people of the PROC forum. Now give me your best. Sound.