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    Maggie Thatcher Is Back.

    Maggie is back. She reincarnated herself into Leo Varadkar. You guys are fucked if this fuckwit becomes your new Taoiseach.
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    I Never Knew Ireland Was So Corrupt.

    You have a Police Force that would rival any Third World Police Force in corruption. You Prime Minister is a Serial Liar but still is in power. Your infrastructure is totally fucked. I think it's time to go home.
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    Bus Eireann.

    Good Afternoon Cobber's, What is the story with Bus Eireann? The new CEO is saying the company is fucked but the Union's are saying it's all down to cuts to funds to the services. I tend to use buses a lot in Cork and think it's a good service and the drivers are polite and helpful. What do you...
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    An Apology To Smaug.

    I want to apologise to Smaug and anybody else who I insulted yesterday. I am deeply sorry and will not do it again. Yesterday was a bad day for me and I took it out on a person who I don't even know. I hope you accept my apology Smaug and I promise I will never do such a thing on this site...
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    Who Is Smaug?

    He reminds me of a person who: 1. Wears an anarok. 2. Smells of stale piss. 3. Lives on a diet of Spam. 4. Has never ever used toothpaste or deodorant. Discuss.
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    The Irish And Road Etiquette.

    You guys haven't a fucking clue how to behave on the roads of Ireland.
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    I'm In A Quandary.

    My girlfriend's sister has told me she would love to fuck my brains out. I've only been with her sister for two months. Should I take her up on her offer?
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    Decisions, Decisions.

    My Boss has told me I can move to Dublin and do my job from there if I want. He has told me that Dublin is a much better city than Cork. What do you guys think?
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    Why Are BMW Drivers Such Asshole's?

    I have noticed that the most ignorant drivers on Irish roads are usually behind the wheel of a BMW. Is there a scientific reason for this or are they just asshole's?
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    Bits Hanging Out.

    Fuck me guys, Cork women really let all their bits hang out when the sun comes out. Unfortunately they are not always a pretty site. I must remember to bring a sick bag with me tomorrow.
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    Politicians Of Ireland.

    Are they seriously considering taking three months off? Or is this a very late April Fools joke?
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    Red Lights.

    I reckon somebody will be seriously injured or killed because of the amount of red light jumpers in this city. It is happening all the time with some drivers breaking lights a good three seconds after they have changed.
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    An Australian And The Irish Weather.

    G'Day Cobber's, it's not a bad day today. Should I start thinking of wearing summer clothes or should I hold on to the thick woolly jumper and long johns for another while?
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    The 215 A.

    Boarded the Bus on Skehard Road at 7.54 am. Disembarked in South Mall at 8.11 am. Excellent service Bus Eireann.
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    New House.

    As I am going to be in Ireland for the foreseeable futute I have taken the plunge and bought a house in Blackrock. How long do I have to live in Cork before I get classed as a ' Pure Daycent Sham' boy?
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    Man Flu.

    I can see the bright light coming to get me. Are there any female Proccers that can call over and rub some Vicks on to my bronzed chest? Discretion assured at all times.
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    Who Won Your Election?

    Was it a draw? Are they playing extra time?
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    We Need To Talk About Cork.

    From the outset I would like to say how much I like Cork and its citizens. I am blessed to have a job that enables me to travel a lot. In fact this is my third posting to Cork and this time I will here for at least six months. However I have noticed that the city has a dark underbelly that I had...
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    Has Summer Arrived In Ireland?

    It is a beautiful sunny day weighing in around 10-12 degrees. Is this the start of the summer or am I being a bit premature?
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    Red Lights.

    What the fuck is wrong with drivers in this country when it comes to red lights?