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    Grand stretch in the evening

    Extra 2 seconds of daylight this evening in Cork.
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    Irish Charity Wages

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    Vote FG for change
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    Siamsa Cois Laoi '78

    None of these concert goers had ever heard of a bondholder.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Killing them softly. 6.5/10 Some great acting, but it was too easy to see what was going to happen.
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    Nick Griffin does not like "bodrans"

    Nick Griffin MEP ‏@nickgriffinmep So Ulster pics have upset my Republican stalkers. Tell you what, the bodran can't match the lambeg, you Fenian bastards. Retweeted 780 times
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    Eircom Users - Unblock the pirate bay

    Ronseal More info:
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    Cork Lord Mayor earns more than Russian PM

    Earns up to €200K when expenses are factored in. Great to see the property tax is going to a good cause.
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    New €1m traffic light system for the Skehard Road

    Work on this started last week, along with the bank bailout and the E-voting machines, this has got to be up there in terms of the biggest waste of public money. Why destroy a perfectly good working roundabout that NEVER has any congestion...
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    Growing your own weed in Cork

    Havnt smoked a joint in about 3 years but used to be fond of the stuff for years. Am after getting into gardening the last few years and recenty with Spring coming, I've been thinking a lot about growing a plant or two, more out of interest than anything else. Has anyone done this in Cork? I've...
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    Finally, no more Rugby!

    Thanks you Jesus. No more 4x4s with Munnnnster flags. No more "Wear Red for Munster" at work days. No more listening to bullshit talk about "go forward ball" and "rucking against the head". Roll on the World Cup and the All-Ireland.
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    Dublin drug scumbag gets assaulted by a gate

    HaHa :) ahegFo9X_uI
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    Adebayor interviewed today in an Arsenal top

    Mental bastard,26691,12606_5855427,00.html
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    Note: Dont put 4K on Angola to win.....
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    7CT0a-Hgumo u can hear him say, "oh shit" :)
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    Just paid my €160 TV licence online.

    Money well spent. Personally I think we should pay more. It's hard these days for the likes of Gerry Ryan and Ryan Tubridy to get by on such poor wages. I wonder with deflation will we start seeing a decrease in the fee, I fucking doubt it :( What...
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    Best Ad on telly at the moment
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    RATM got XMas Number1

    Just on Radio 1 there :)
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    Try explaining aspects of Irish life to a German

    A good article from Myers: Kevin Myers: Try explaining aspects of Irish life to a German; when you're done, try explaining them to me Also in Kevin Myers Kevin Myers: Bord na Mona is a historical unicorn and should be shot...
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    Scrapyards in Cork?

    Anyone recommend one? Some dick just knocked off my wing mirror while I had the right of way on a down a narrow lane, and the fucker drove on.