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    General living standards

    Born and bred in Cork but from my experience of other counties the grass is much greener, especially in a neighbouring county.
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    People from different counties

    In my job it entails interacting with people from the four corners of Ireland (republic). I hate generalizing but I have the people I interact are consistent. Clare = Queer hawks, Dubs = Great banter good laugh, Wexford = Very friendly, Limerick = Sound and very friendly, Cork = Great folk...
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    Douglas and Bishopstown lads

    Who never cut the dice, inspite of going to fee paying schools from privileged backgrounds and ending up in council pads or now in dead end jobs paying high rates for apartments due to thinking the world owed them a living and/or indolence, are you one of such? Share your thoughts and feelings...
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    Looks like a complete shithole on the English grid, is it because so many people of Irish origin live there?
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    Malicious people you have worked with

    Had my fair share, not sure what their issue was, whether it was my good looks, or even my modest material success, they are out there, this is following on from my begrudgery and jealousy thread.
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    Google Drive

    Seems to be coming more commercialized, not content with receiving a monthly sub now it appears you cannot play MP4s without being taken to a new type of video player that is loaded with ads.
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    Cork begrudgery and jealousy

    Seems to be a special thing. Always remember scoring a goal from a very difficult angle in indoor soccer and this corporation worker gowlbag saying "you could have passed the ball as you might have missed" instead of praising me for the difficult goal at a difficult angle. Maybe it's endemic...
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    Good Dentist

    Any recommendations for Cork city and surrounds?
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    The RTE license

    €160 per year, is it a quanqo?
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    Weird FB pages

    I wouldn't go this far re Sharon
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    Cork roads

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    Bye now

    Cork is a shitehole, and typical Corkonians tend to be disingenuous people as exemplified by most assholes here. Notable exceptions being Jimmym, Heraldo and to a certain extent Angry Dan. I shall log off now and disengage from this place and TG I am free from that insular, disingenuous...
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    Oil and gas of Ireland
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    Gay Marriages

    As an agnostic, I could not give a shite but wonder will the church be forced to accept such to remain valid going forward in these woke times
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    Local talk scenes

    I wonder is there other stimulating talk scenes out there or is it a unique Cark thing, don't think their is any comparative Dublin forum. pales in comparison, wonder is there an oversees equivalent say in Newcastle where the users would routinely be alchies and drug addicts much like...
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    Arson Attack in Belfast on the news

    The news showing an arson attack in Belfast, not sure of the relevance tbh
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    Prendeville Podcasts

    Great shtuff, just started listening lately.
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    New shaving ads

    One a product for ball shaving another for peripheral female genital shaving enough to put you off your chicken dinner