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    Cork Pollution Warning!

    CORK was among one of the most air polluted places on the planet in recent days as parts of the county experienced dangerous levels of air pollution PurpleAir, a real-time air quality monitoring system, recorded fine particulate matter (pm) 2.5 levels of more than 430 on the Environmental...
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    Dodgy 50 Euro notes in Cork.

    CORK traders have been warned to sufficiently inspect €50 notes before accepting them, following reports that counterfeit money is in circulation. The Garda Síochána Southern Region Facebook page issued the warning earlier today, which stated that the reports of fake money were received by...
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    A United Ireland. The PROC decides.

    Right lads lets be having ye. Pol to follow. Im going to go down the route of no votes allowed on accounts less than one year old sorry TG, this is you banned from taking part in anyway shape or form. Its in the interests of the community you see....... Make your cases now as the pol will go up...
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    Mad Max Extra spotted around town.

    Anyone else seen him? Looks like he has stepped out of an apocolyptic movie set wearing two sets of red eye goggles. Dressed in layers of black clothing, Humming with the dirt, cant have seen water in years to get in this condition. I have no info on MHI as ive not seen him interacting with...
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    The Whacky Racers

    Lads ive my own club on the xbox as titled above. We specialise in all the top racing games, forza motorsport series, forza horizon series, The Crew, Micro machines, and ofcourse Rocket League, basically if it drives we play. As Im on the verge of major surgery to keep my legs im kind of online...
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    Should We All Ignore Posters With Multiple Handles?

    I think its high time we did. Lets moderate ourselves. Its ruining the forum and causing constant friction between users. Your all not very welcome.
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    The train to Youghal/Waterford

    Heard this on the wireless this morning. I think its a great idea, and in fairness to peejay he did say if they can find 2 BILLION for the Luas to go from city centre to Dublin airport they can find the bobs for us. Discuss. Poll may follow.
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    Sea Of Thieves

    Lads this game is that good. Cross platform co op multiplayer piracy skullduggery on de x1 and something called a pc? We locked a randomer in the brig, then we danced, played music on ye old instruments and drunk several pints of grog before spewing in buckets and drenching the Muppet. Its the...
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    Fuck Off Beaty. FUCK RIGHT OFF.

    This thread is not intended to rile or annoy you b boy. You are fucking this fucking that, m8, you must have The Aids you are fucking everything out of it so much. So beaty in the interests of fairness and proc equality may I be the first poster to say....... Fuck off with your fucking off...
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    Im a celebrity 2016 thread

    Just started.
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    celebrity island with bear grylls

    Channel 4 tonight @ Lads he had them all drinking piss and giving self colonic irrigations last time. That vogue bird won last time. Apparently she is like The Bird Rambo now. I didn't see it ima. �� I don't know who is going, or where.
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    Half of parents let under 14s drink

    Half of parents allow their children to booze at home before the age of 14, new research has revealed. One in ten parents who let their children have alcohol at home once a month while some let them drink every day. It is not illegal for children aged from five upwards to drink in the home or...
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    open prison atop patricks hill.

    Letters being handed out. Stick it in yer window caper. Councillor Kenneth o Flynn says we must protect the 3500 children attending school in the area. We are to contact him to vent anger and or spout guff if we wish to do so. Anyone else hear about this? Must we tell peejay? Lads what the...
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    men who wear lots of gold.

    After the watch thread it got me thinking. I know okay...... Do you wear a gold BRACELET? How about a big chain? What says the proc about such men. Do you poke fun at them? Are they figures of folly or do you fear the BRACELET man? Forgive my child like style of writing but its late and I'm...
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    Sexytime Donkey Man Jailed.

    A 21-year-old Wisconsin farm worker has been jailed for having sex with a female donkey while his 'privates were out of control'. Gideon D Swartzentruber, 21, from Neillsville, Clark County, was initially sentenced to probation, counseling and fined $443 after being caught with the donkey by...
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    DEC 11 International ISIS Trolling Day.

    The group are planning to post photographs of dead ISIS terrorists while bombarding their twitter feeds with pictures of goats. The anarchist collective said it wants to devote December 11 to an anti-ISIS day of rage. Anonymous has decided to target the terror group in response to the ISIS...
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    shifty muslim thrown off coach.

    A Muslim man was asked to leave a National Express bus when passengers complained that he 'looked shifty', it was claimed today. The customer was told to get off the coach from Bristol to London after others on the bus complained to the driver about the man. The transport firm later claimed...
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    Threads Not Working - Report It Here!

    I will start by saying that not being able to access the SWEET DEAL thread at this time of year is a crime against the poories who frequent this site after the weekly jaunt to Peg Twomeys. Admin, its Christmas, this isn't fair. There are other threads that don't work but as the festive season...
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    Cockney Slang On The Proc.

    I notice, people having giraffes. I notice people taking it up the Gary. And there are faggots in Midleton! So are those English lads trying to invade the proc like? Should we embrace this shift in lingo, me old chinas? Ave you bin over mate?
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    So Why No Ground Troops In Syria?

    Anyone any idea as to why this is not happening? We should be kicking ass, just outside of Alleppo no? Why aren't we?