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    Archbishop Desmond Tutu has passed away.

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    A car goes bang
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    My irish is poor and from a long time ago. Is this proper Irish or a google translate? Bhuel nach bhfuil tusa i d'amadán níl fiú a fhios agat teanga na tíre seo. Is duine neamh-chultúrtha tusa Thanks
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    Don Williams RIP

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    Leonard Cohen RIP

    RIP YrLk4vdY28Q
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    Beautiful City charming and pretty...

    Cool video Cannot get embed to work, Sorry
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    Muhammad Ali RIP
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    Drug traffickers get high

    Drug traffickers get high and call the cops to turn themselves in ZOmRi927TPI
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    Irishman 'in shock' after €10k blackmail demands in soc

    AN Irish man urged Internet users to be wary of blackmail traps after he was the focus of an attempted €10,000 sex scam. The young man, from Cork but who does not want to be identified, was threatened by an Eastern European woman after she sent him a video of him viewing her naked and...
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    Pwned myself
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    Cork 1902

    xvILtfW0e0Y Might spot Cork oldie SkyblueBarry
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    Trainees should accept sexual advances

    An Irish-educated surgeon has rejected criticism over comments she made saying surgical trainees should stay silent if they’re sexually assaulted by a colleague. Dr Gabrielle McMullin, a Sydney-based vascular surgeon, said on ABC radio that sexism is commonplace among Australian surgeons and...
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    Goatz dirty little secret

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    E bay recommended it to me

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    Spidey's from Cork,biy! He’s always been a rebel — but now it’s official. Web-slinging superhero Spider-Man is from Cork. Comic giants Marvel have given the green light for the main character in their hugely successful...
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    "The Dog Pund" by Cork writer

    PSl3orufxqE By Cork writer Madeleine D'Arcy +O for the title mistake
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    Swimming down Ollie Plunket Street

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    Short doc on W. Cork road bowling

    Apologies if posted before
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    Atticus/Billy MDMA

    Knowing that Atticus/Billy MDMA are alts of the legendary "JT" is one thing but why does it go here when I click on the Atticus username.