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    Lamps is no more

    Right lads, Of course Liams PMS were real. What a day it has been. What the INTERNET is all about. Not a tap of work done. Up there with the best we have seen. Worth every penny. Signing out as promised. Peace out.
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    Important Notice: Confession time, poll time.

    This is how I see it. No messing involved. I trifled with a bigger dog and got bitten on the arse. My ego got the better of me, and even though I came out with all that Fritz stuff, the fact of the matter is I didn't even vote in the last Lisbon referendum, i know the anti german stuff wound...
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    A shot at redemption for LMRTPP

    Seeing as he shat the course with the Criminal Justice Ammendment bill, I'll give him another shot. For the sake INTERENT box office. Put your money where your mouth is and sign the dotted line that the Seanad won't pass the bill. The Lisbon bet is then back on. And to sweeten it, post...
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    A noble call to LMRTPP

    I know you feel very strongly about human rights or something. I say the bill to take on the criminal gangs is passed in the Dail, you say it loses. The challenge is as follows, If I win: You must not post again in any form til Lisbon 2 If you win: I will not post again in any form until...
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    Dave Whelan: Exposure time

    I'm having enough of this joker. Too much time drinking Gin with you know who. Exposure 1 Wednesday 17 June 2009 questioning Michael Owen's bottle Would we be interested in him? No," said Whelan. "One, his wages are too expensive. Two, has he got the urge, bottle and drive to do what the...
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    Chinese restuarants

    Do you really believe they catch dogs and rats off the street and serve them up to us?
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    Thought grenade

    I shit you not, thats what our boss just suggested we need. A few of them in fact.
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    A public challenge to Liam2me

    I say Fianna Fail will lose the next general election. The username known as Lamps will more than likely be gone so lets make the bet monetary. I'll be nice and let you name the prize once its more than a ton. Do you accept this challenge, as a matter of INTERNET honour?
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    Posters and the celebs you equate them with

    Dunno if we've done this one before. But in the absence of knowing anyone I find it helps to match posters with their celeb counterparts when INTERNETING. Half the time I even imagine their posts in the voices of that celeb. Anyone else do this?
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    Poll Time. Where are your loyalties

    Which way do you swing
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    Best Munster 15 since 1984

    Thats the last 25 years for those lads not good at these things. Competition in the examiner, apparently. Can we get consensus, some serious operators in there 1. John Kerins Cork Charlie Nelligan Kerry Declan O Keefe Kerry 2. Seamus Clancy Clare Marc O Se Kerry Paidi O Se Kerry 3. Colman...
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    Freedom of Cork for Brian O'Driscoll

    Poll to follow
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    Last Questions and Answers

    Was shit on a stick Glad its gone after that. Pat the Plank has to be better than what they've been serving up. No Foxy Mac No Eoghan Harris No Gay Byrne No the Dunph No DukesY No Father Iggy And a free ride for Biffo after bankrupting the country. Jokeshop Discuss
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    Paul O'Connell

    • Paul O Connell can assemble the entire contents of an IKEA store without instructions or an alarm key. • When Paul O Connell was a child, he made his mother finish his vegetable s. • If you wake up in the morning, it's because Paul O Connell spared your life. • Paul O Connell won the Tour...
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    Munster destroyed by Leinster? Arland crumbling in 2007?:This is the worst yet

    Munster destroyed by Leinster? Arland crumbling in 2007?:This is the worst yet What am I talking about? The performace of the jocks on here. Where is Walter2Me? CantankY, Carmen, SaucyEddieB, QuackY, BangorDan., TimmY? Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY? I have never seen a more pitiful...
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    What is the greatest country in the world

    Following on from the lads trying to get Arland to cede all power to the dominion, I've decided to start this thread. Argue it out and I'll stick up a poll in a few days.
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    Cowen says vote Yes- Wanna get back at him- You know what to do

    Cowen says vote Yes- Wanna get back at him- You know what to do Vote No for freedom
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    Tommy Walsh - KK version

    What he has been doing and getting away with in the last 3 years is worse than Paul Galvin, Aidan and Dirty Dara. Pure filth.
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    Top 3 Favourite biscuits

    Club Polo Bourbon Cream Lincoln in that order
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    Create your own super boyband

    Only rules are that it must be a 4 piece gary barlow - piano/vocals jimmy osmond - backing abs from 5 - dancer/ backing singer peter tork-guitar/backing vocals Over to you guys, not as easy as it seems