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    Shane Warne RIP

    52. Suspected heart attack.
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    Fantasy League Prociership - 20/21 League Code: 3w2n7b
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    Eddie Howe goes Bang

    He’s left Bourenmouth. Personally that’s a bit of a cop out but he might have been found out again if he stayed and tried to get them back up. Ake, Kelly, Brooks, King, Wilson all on their way out too.
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    Debenhams Ireland gone bang

    Won't be reopening their stores.
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    Kobe Bryant dead!

    Helicopter crash. All over Twitter.
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    Irish Rugby - Hindsight is 2020

    Trying not to knee jerk but what next? Will Farrell be his own man? Sexton, Best, Healy, Kearney, POM should all be gone. Form dictates Henderson, Stockdale, Henshaw, Murray should be stood down. Blade at Connacht is pushing on at scrum half, McCarthy and Mathewson have started strongly at...
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    Tyres ... talk to me

    They look to be a good bit cheaper back home than they are in the UK. Will be back next month, where's the best spot to go for them?
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    EPL Top Goalscorers: 96/97 to present

    Congrats on making it halfway through the week. Here's your treat. :cool: All credit to Sporcle. :cool:
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    Jamie Heaslip goes BANG!

    Retiring with immediate effect. I know there were rumours around his injury being a lot more serious than imagined. He's had a great run though. He was incredible for a good few seasons there from 2009 through 2013/2014. Definitely had lesser impact after that though D4 media and Leinster fans...
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    Tony Pulis gone BANG

    From the 'Brom. Quick smash and grab of the tracksuits and caps in the club shop on the way out.
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    RIP - Jimmy Magee, The Memory Man Different Class.
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    New York Hotels

    Lads, there's way too many hotels in Manhattan, any little gems that could be recommended?
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    North America Travel Queries

    2 Questions here: I'm connecting through Dublin, my flight lands at 09:30 and my US bound departure takes off at 11:30, is that enough time to get through security clearance? Also, I have my ESTA already, but I'll be going from the US to Canada and back again, do I need any ESTA equivalent for...
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    Christy O'Connor Jnr - RIP

    Passed away suddenly in Tenerife. 67 years old. That shot from the Ryder Cup though!
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    It's Friday! Excited for the weekend? Don't read this!
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    So eh, yeah, score first, celebrate second!
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    Breakfast in Cork

    lads, where's good for breakfast in town? Don't fancy queuing for Liberty grill. Sound!
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    Cork Golf Courses & Whatnot

    Lads, I thought it might be an idea to have a thread related to Cork course for feedback and suggestions and all that. I'm home this weekend, playing Youghal on Thursday and was thinking Castlemarty on the Friday - look to be able to get it for €40. Would have to be on that side of the city and...