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  1. Jimmy the Gent

    Get a load of this asshole.

  2. Jimmy the Gent

    Official AFL Women's Thread

    In recognition of all the Irish girls who have headed down under to try their hands at Aussie rules, I think a thread is in order. Orla O'Dwyer - Brisbane Lions Áine Tighe - Freemantle Dockers Aileen Gilroy - North Melbourne Football Club
  3. Jimmy the Gent

    Anyone ever been to a Nutritionist?

    Any recommendations in Cork? Are they worth it?
  4. Jimmy the Gent

    'take your stupid Irishness' elsewhere

    A working holidaymaker who partied too hard on his birthday weekend has been banned from an Irish pub and told to take his “stupid Irishness” elsewhere. The young man, initials E.L, attempted to fight multiple Airlie Beach pub patrons while out celebrating his 27th birthday in Queensland...
  5. Jimmy the Gent

    NCT Query

    My car has two current issues: 1; the 'Please Service' symbol is on 2; 'Airbag fault' symbol is on. Anyone know if they would fail me?
  6. Jimmy the Gent

    Went down on a mountain yesterday...

    Admittedly, there was copious amounts of drink involved.. but she was big, lads. Really fucking big.
  7. Jimmy the Gent

    Taking up jeans and keeping original hem

    Can anyone recommend a crowd that can do this properly?
  8. Jimmy the Gent

    Residents Associations

    Anyone a member of one? What's the best way to compel a reluctant resident to pay their maintenance fee? I'm not a member but am aware of a number of folk who simply do not pay which isn't fair on the rest of us. There are landlords in this park who take 1500 a month rent and yet refuse to pay...
  9. Jimmy the Gent


    Have you come across any? There's a guy at my work place trumpeting this stuff. Some of his claims are insane. He thinks vaccinations actually do more harm than good and are driven by an unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry whose products are promoted by corrupt doctors. He also believes that...
  10. Jimmy the Gent

    Electrical issue

    I recently had a guy around to change a faulty dimmer switch in my living room and replace it with a regular on/off switch. While he was changing it he tripped the circuit board. Once he switched the tripper back on it worked again and my living room lights with the new switch are now working...
  11. Jimmy the Gent

    Dude goes on sucker-punch rampage in club

    For those who haven't seen it already: 1wMtDdY4c_Y Yikes :mad:
  12. Jimmy the Gent

    Zipit - Farran Woods

    Anyone try this? Was in Farran woods yesterday and thought it looked pretty cool. 32 quid for an adult seems steep enough, though. Is it worth doing?
  13. Jimmy the Gent

    Car speaker repair?

    My car's right speaker has suddenly stopped working. It's not the audio balance as I tested it. It must be electrical. Can someone recommend somewhere on the south side that will fix it? cheers
  14. Jimmy the Gent

    Your favourite Paintings

    Rembrandt - The Syndics of the Clothmaker's Guild Vermeer - View of Delft (Some consider this to be the greatest landscape ever painted) Caravaggio - David with the Head of Goliath (Goliath's head is actually a self portrait of Caravaggio himself)
  15. Jimmy the Gent

    Home Energy Audits

    Thinking of getting one done to identify with a thermal camera where drafts are coming in/ heat leaking out. They seem quite pricey, though - 500 quid! Has anyone got one done? Do you recommend it? Were decent solutions provided?
  16. Jimmy the Gent

    Septum rings

    A horrific fashion accessory, imo.
  17. Jimmy the Gent

    Weak/limp handshakes

    What's the fucking deal? I find it hard to both respect and trust someone with a weak handshake. Met a college buddy by chance recently and he gave me one of the shittiest handshakes I've ever received. It was like he had no muscle fibres in his hand. He then followed it up by suggesting that...
  18. Jimmy the Gent

    Best ever movie montages

    s28vNyjOlbc I love the way at the beginning Rocky is acting like he's never boxed before in his life. lol QTYFBne-wOw Tony's hit the big time!
  19. Jimmy the Gent

    Antifa v 'Nazis' @ Berkley

    Shit went down! MbJ3mThW_2o
  20. Jimmy the Gent

    Berlin in July

    Heading to Berlin in July for 5 nights. Staying in the mitte district. Any recommendations - Pubs/Clubs/weird shit to check out? Plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, ideally by bike.