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  1. Jimmy the Gent

    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10
  2. Jimmy the Gent

    Joe Rogan

    Rogan loves a good conspiracy. He was in the fake moon landing camp for a number of years. He's very much in the alternative history camp now also regarding ancient lost technology theories peddled by quacks like Graham Hancock. So it's no surprise that he has jumped onboard the covid one...
  3. Jimmy the Gent

    Best/Worst Sopranos character?

    His character was based on John Gotti's son.
  4. Jimmy the Gent

    The Food thread

    Not bad at all, m8s. First time using this brand. Will be trying out their other stuff. Much better than the jar sauce crap that tastes like it's tainted with washing up liquid.
  5. Jimmy the Gent

    Irish water scam

    Irish water employees did my neighbour's mains. Cork City Council did my mains. I spoke to both groups and they told me so. "you spacer"? Dope
  6. Jimmy the Gent

    Irish water scam

    The difference in standard of work between the council workers and actual irish water employees is actually remarkable. Had both sets do jobs on the mains outside my and my neighbour's house over the last year. The council lads looked, sounded and worked like they were borderline retarded. No...
  7. Jimmy the Gent

    What runners/trainers you got now

    Pleased with my new vans, m8s.
  8. Jimmy the Gent

    How many fucking Pride weekends are there?

    That's for the trans.
  9. Jimmy the Gent

    The Official Lenient Sentence Thread

    No updates on this story? Thought he was expected to be sentenced months ago.
  10. Jimmy the Gent

    Paying for Personalised Videos/Messages from Celebrities/Sports Stars (

    She'd want to be at least showing her tits for that money.
  11. Jimmy the Gent

    JT's Sweet Deal thread

    Does it save the footage?
  12. Jimmy the Gent

    Cork city has gone to the dogs.

    Brother Angelus?
  13. Jimmy the Gent

    free speech

    Online hate speech to become a crime under new legislation New hate crime legislation will create new crimes for online hate speech, the justice minister has said. Helen McEntee said that she is "amending her approach" to the forthcoming Incitement to Hatred and Hate Crime Bill to make it...
  14. Jimmy the Gent

    What are you listening to right now???

    I love that track 😍
  15. Jimmy the Gent

    12th/Bonfire night

    That reads like satire.
  16. Jimmy the Gent

    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    Elvis Was cartoonish at times and dragged a little in places. But the theme was fresh and had plenty of great nostalgic moments. The ending was also very powerful. It really hit home his greatness and the sadness of his early death. 7/10