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    Royksopp's New Album

    Profound Mysteries part 2 is released in August.
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    Your Favourite Gangster Film

    Not sure if it's true but I read somewhere that someone close to him getting intense cancer Rays mother had died during filming from cancer and he said he focused all his anger at the time into that scene
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    Depeche Mode Fans?

    Andy Fletcher dead at 60? All over Twitter
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    Ray Liotta goes Bang.

    Thought he played a good role as Johnny Depps father in 'Blow', totally different to his usual gangster roles RIP
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    Royksopp's New Album

    I didn't really listen to the lost tapes, but this album just flows brilliantly. Every track is strong. 'If you want me' featuring Susanne Sundfor is hauntingly brilliant and the best track at the moment, though that might change cause they're all so strong
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    Royksopp's New Album

    The new album is outstanding
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    *(01) 566 5814‬

    Another scam number. Don’t answer or ring back as a recorded message tells you you’re in a queue, premium rate I’m assuming. I have the number blocked on my phone and it’s still getting through.
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    System Power Flush

    Has anyone had this done to their home heating system? Looking for prices, good workmanship etc.
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    Full Moon = Shitty Sleep

    Awake since 4.30am!! FML
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    Irish Gangland Hit in Costa del Sol

    A well-known Irish criminal has been shot dead at a Costa del Sol bar by two masked gunmen. It is reported the gunmen entered a popular bar in the resort this afternoon and shot the man numerous times. The victim tried to escape but collapsed as a result of his injuries. It is believed he was...
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    I Just Won The Lotto!!!!

    I just got a text from some English number that I don't recognise saying- CONGRATS:YOUR MOBILE NUMBER HAS WON YOU THE SUM OF 1,000,000 POUNDS IN ONGOING BBC LOTTO UK.FOR CLAIMS SEND EMAIL(NAME AND NUMBER) Wow, this is feckin brill, drinks are on me fuckers, name and...
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    Absolute Quality I lol'd
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    Henry Hill : Banged Up Abroad Nat geo this Tuesday night 9pm
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    Sick laptop

    When I turn on my laptop this comes up on screen' NTLDR is missing, press ctrl+alt+del to restart.' I do this then it restarts and goes back to the same message. She is moving on a bit on fairness, but is this a big job to fix?
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    The Chill Out Thread

    Throw up yer favourite chill out tracks b8o6uKm91No
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    Rachel Allen & O'Brien's

    She has a new range of sandwiches for their cafes.Anyone tried them? Does it matter?
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    Anyone with Three Mobile?

    I've been with vodafone for years, but you get alot more with a three pay monthly plan. With vodafone I get 400 mins and 400 texts, free calls and texts to vodafone users for €69 a month. With three you get 450 mins, over 1000 texts, free calls and texts to three users for €49 a month. Just...
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    Songs That Wife-Beaters Would Like

    I'll get the ball rolling Coldplay - Fix you