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    Birds on tv quiz shows

    Presenter: in maths... Contestant: pass... ...couple of mins later... Contestant: I've had a great day.
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    Hussein Abdi Kahin Mad story.
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    I've always been of the opinion that any bank worth its salt should be able to make money from customers' deposits and, thus, have no need for banking fees. This is not the case though in Ireland Now that ulster & kbc banks have pulled plant, where are the movers and shakers keeping their cash...
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    Kyle Walker

    Something not quite right about him.
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    Andy Townsend

    Andy Townsend got up this morning, he really did. He thought he should go for a piss, he really did. He got up and went to the bathroom, he really did. He thought about how jack grealish is a good player, he really is. He popped downstairs and ate some breakfast, he really did. Later he...
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    Sergio Aguero

    Leaving city at the end of the season. What a great player he's been for them. Perhaps his greatest achievement is getting Joe Hart a pl winner's medal Ms2PiSUPHgY
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    Covid vaccination

    How do you know when it's your 'turn' for vaccination? Does someone contact you? Who administers it? Etc.
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    Thinking of joining the lazy lawn mowing scene

    I'm a busy man. My time is better spent making money for people and then fleecing them on commission than mowing the lawn. So it's time to go robotic. Or is it a satin it? Does anyone have any experience with autonomous lawnmowers and what's the best way to go? Had a look online at a few but to...
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    Class players from yesteryear

    That played for clubs you didn't support. Maurice Malpas. A colossus. One club man. Turned down bigger clubs several times. Reached a European cup semi final. Beat Barcelona. What a player he was.
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    Now that's what I call a tough upbringing
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    the rugby

    :lol!: Should have kept yer mouths shut when the English and French pulled out. Where will the bandwagon be after next season? So, who's pre-booking tickets for the final? :lol!:
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    U-21 world cup

    Anyone been watching any of this? Who made the semis in the other group (I know Serbia and England got through). what's the quality of football been like? Is it on eurosport and when?
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    FAO Roasty

    Can you type in English please? You're posts are impenetrable.
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    Ribery has signed for Bayern

    What a stupid move that is. Arsenal probably couldn't afford him, but i'm sure that there was interest from the top Italian teams and he should have been looking to get cl football next season. This lad may be the next giggs in terms of lack of ambition.
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    Pele wasn't as crap as everyone says
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    Maradona to spurs?

    No, obviously, but here he is lining up for them for Ossie Ardiles' testimonial.
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    Manchester are lowest seeded English team in cl next season

    Manchester are lowest seeded English team in cl next season Kinda crazy, no?