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  1. The Judge

    Its all kicking off up the northside today/tonight

    Hi all,just seen footage of cars and house being smashed and vandalised by a group of people in our community (not settled people)It looks like theres a lot of damage being done and lots of angry people.Anybody hear what's happening?
  2. The Judge

    Deliveries from

    Hi all,just wondering if anybody has ordered from Amazon Germany and if so how was it delivered?Through courier or from Amazon.I have to purchase through Amazon as I cannot get it elsewhere and wondered what's the best/cheapest way nowadays.
  3. The Judge

    IRELAND V NEW ZEALAND 🏉 Score Prediction

    Right all,we know the drill.Predict the score for the upcoming test match.I honestly reckon the Kiwis will hammer us.Especially after a poor performance against Italy and Ireland never put 2 good performances back to back.So my prediction is; IRELAND 18 NEW ZEALAND 41
  4. The Judge

    Most Confusing Day In Norrie Land Today

    Happy Fathers Day!!!Lots of young kids confused today,north of the river.Wondering who they should give the card they made last week in school to.Probably even worse for those that have two same sex female parents.....Mad ;-)
  5. The Judge

    West cork gaa club in trouble

    Just broke earlier on The Examiner,about a West Cork club that are bring investigated by Gardaì because of breaking Covid rules...i believe its a club that wear blue/white hoop jerseys and it rhymes with 'brazen' ;-)
  6. The Judge

    Munster v leinster score prediction

    Right lads,its the biggest domestic game this year and i just wondered what fellas thoughts are?I will go for a Munster win,to see CJ off with a win. Munster 18 Leinster 15
  7. The Judge

    Cheltenham 2021 proc buster

    Hey all,just to have a bit of interest for next weeks festival.The hope here is that we pick a horse in each race for the four days and award points for the first three positions. First place gets 10pts Second place gets 5pts Third place gets 2pts At the end of each day there will be a daily...
  8. The Judge

    Ireland V France 2021 Rugby match predictions

    Well lads,least said about last week the better.But i find that Irish defeats are always followed with a huge win(same goes for Munster)So throw up your predictions for this Sunday.I'm going for an Irish win 😃 Its going to be a shitty,cold and wet day which should suit us too ;-) My guess is...
  9. The Judge

    Wales V Ireland 2021 Score prediction

    Right,its that time of year again lads.Just to have an interest in the game.Lets see who gets closest to the final score.My prediction is 25-18 to Ireland.Hopefully its a good game 🤞
  10. The Judge

    Homeless guy at traffic lights looking for donations

    Over the last few months i've noticed a man in his late 50s possibly early 60s standing at the traffic lights at the exit off South Link(Westbound)as you head for Wilton.He stands with a sign explaining that he is homeless and sleeps in his car.It also states that he was illegally evicted from...
  11. The Judge

    New year resolutions for 2021

    As the dreadful 2020 year finishes.Who would have thought that that things would have turned out as they did?Hopefully things will improve and when they do,we may appreciate more,the smaller things we took for granted a bit more.Going for walks,eating out,going for a pint,walking into a...
  12. The Judge

    Your favourite type sandwich

    Today i used up the last of our spiced Beef(cooked yesterday) in a sandwich with lettuce,red onion and tomatos.It was absolutely delicious. But i can honestly say,that nothing beats a Clonakilty black pudding with ketchup inbetween two slices of bread and butter.It was the nicest bit of food all...
  13. The Judge

    What is your favourite Christmas day memory?

    Good morning and Merry Christmas to all on here.Just thinking of years gone by this morning and how wonderful it was growing up as a child in a large family and getting your presents under the tree on Christmas morning.Coming down the stairs and seeing all of theses oresents under the tree.My...
  14. The Judge

    Shots fired just now in assumption road

    Word on the media just coming in.Shots have been fired in an area up the northside on Assumption Road....Any scandal in the hood lads?
  15. The Judge

    Orders missing from deliveries

    I recently placed an order from Amazon and just to avail of free post within the UK for purchases more than £20 i added another small item to bring the value up to £25 and have it delivered to my virtual postal address in the UK(northern Ireland)So when it was delivered yesterday my more...
  16. The Judge

    Old Boys Youth Clubs(A thing of the past)

    Just read with sadness,that my 'old boys youth club' is to close.Fr O Learys at the top of Shandon Street was our escape for many years on a Tues night.5 a side soccer table soccer,table tennis and a few prayers to our lady.It was our social night of the week with the buddies from 7pm til 9pm...
  17. The Judge

    Sporting Clubs and membership 2020

    Serious question here lads.A lot of sports has been disrupted,postponed and cancelled in some cases until next Jan/Feb.I have encountered issues with other parents where monies are still being taken from our accounts for club membership without any discussion on reductions or guidance with what...
  18. The Judge

    Pat Smullen(jockey)R.I.P .

    Just read that the fantastic jockey and all round nice guy,Pat Smullen passed away a short time ago in St Vincent's hospital from pancreatic cancer with his family by his side.I saw him recently being interviewed and he looked great but apparently he had a bad turn recently.....So sad,R.I.P.
  19. The Judge

    Kelly Preston passes away R.I.P.

    At 57 years of age,Kelly Preston wife of John Travolta passed away yesteray,2 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.Tough going on the family,given that a son of theirs also died a few years back after suffering a seizure at 16 years of age.Tragic times for the family....R.I.P. Kelly
  20. The Judge

    Cork South Central and the 3 politicians.

    Its going to be interesting times ahead for the coming term for Cork City,County and the Cork South Central constituency.As we'll have a Taoiseach and 2 ministers hopefully batting for us.Its also amazing to think that the poll topper in that ward is on the opposition benches,Donncadh Ò...