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  1. PROCNA2018

    Olivia Newton John not staying alive

    Passed away today apparently at 73.
  2. PROCNA2018

    SKY open shop in Mahon Point

    I'm amazed there isn't a thread given the speculation of the alter-career PROC's most celebrated author, playboy and bon viveur...........
  3. PROCNA2018

    Happy New Year - Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhaoibh go léir

    With less than 8 hours to go - thought it would be nice to wish you all the very best for the coming year. Wishing you a happy, prosperous and especially safe 2022.
  4. PROCNA2018

    Iarnród Enda

    Just when you thought we were rid of him, RTÉ give him his own show to ape Michael Portillo. What in the name of all that's good and holy possesses RTÉ heads of programming?
  5. PROCNA2018

    Happy New Year all - please stay safe

    Athbhliain faoi Sheáin is faoi mhaise dhaoibh go léir. Fan slán. As the used to say on Hill Street Blues - " Let's be careful out there ". Wishing all of you peace, prosperity and most importantly health for the new year.
  6. PROCNA2018

    An Siopa Leabhair

    Má tá éinne ag lorg siopa mhaith chun leabhair as Gaeilge a fháil cé go mbeidh sé ró-dhéanach anois don Nollag - b'fhéidir ar aon nós...........tá a leithéid de leabhair acu do gach aois is suim.
  7. PROCNA2018

    Spam threads

    Just curious - given that the alignment of posters is as clear as day on most topics save films, music and sport - could there not be one mega thread for the spam du jour, (spam of the day), that everyone can pile into it at their leisure (or workplace etc), rather than multiples essentially...
  8. PROCNA2018

    Premier League 2020/2021

    60 years.......:D
  9. PROCNA2018

    Peter Green goes bang

    Fleetwood Mac co founder - incredible music.
  10. PROCNA2018

    5G phones on the 4G network

    Might seem like a silly question but if you were to invest in a 5g compatible phone assuming one was for sale, notwithstanding 5g coverage might only exist in Belfast and Dublin Docklands - will it work away on 4g/LTE until it finds a 5g network point?