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    What is your favourite bread folks?

    Ok, so I liked the Cuthberts and O'Keefes but dan was right, they go dry quite fast. I discovered Thompsons in Dunnes, serious bread goys. Then I discovered Johnston Moony and O'Brien brown bread and it is superb. I feel that the former don't use additives so you'd be like running to the shop...
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    Official World Cup 2022 Thread

    Qualifiers on at the moment. Enjoy the thread :cool:
  3. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Nikki Grahame has died RIP. Of Big Brother
  4. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Stuff That Oils Your Gears.

    Night all, I have been told I was a moany ole cunt so I have started this thread in these harrowing times, an ode to the things that help you get through your day. In direct correlation to Ennis_Y's fine thread this is basically stuff that makes you happy. Feel free to post little or even big...
  5. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Sky Q

    I have Sky Plus and am happy with it, I own the box and remote. They are offering me free Sky Q with free engineer visits afterwards. I don't have the time to be watching tv 24 7 but someone told me it's just good for recording. I have Netflix on my PC which has a big monitor so don't 100% need...
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    Favourite Movie Soundtracks.

    Two of my favourites are the Crazy Heart soundtrack. Jeff Bridges and Colin Farell in a superb movie. ePVVDGRIHD0 Another rockin' one from the 80s, cult classic The Lost Boys PdaaGlyu7EQ
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    How do you plan on staying sane?

    The world is in crisis, we are in crisis. What can we do as a collective or individual to keep morale high during this. I am listing some options to see what the good folk of the Proc will be doing to keep themselves going. All for one, one for all!!
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    Current Mood, Image, GIF or Meme

    So it would be a bit of fun to post #currrentmood here. My one for tonight
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    What's your relationship status?

    I studied Sociology so am interested in the demographic of the PROC. Just wondering what people's current situation is. I am making the poll private so feel free to be honest enough. Thanks.
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    Soundest Proccer of the year 2019 Poll

    It's that time of year and the list has been made. Vote on who you think is the soundest proccer of 2019.
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    Soundest Proccer of the year 2019

    The long awaited award is now open to fellow Proccers. Everyone who has at least 1,000 posts can vote and no alts allowed. 3 noms per person and the poll will follow in the coming week. Think long and hard people about who made this year easier for you. Share the Festive spirit!! :bday:
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    Storm Lorenzo

    Post all storm related activity here. Out of bread? Let's talk about it. Chairs blowing over? Share it with the PROC. Getting a day off work? Tell your good friends here. Maybe it's all a storm in a teacup :confused:
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    Ben Unwin goes BANG!

    Very tragic news about the Home and Away star.
  14. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Champions League Final 2019

    1st June 8pm KO, Virgin Media 1, Liverpool v Tottenham, Madrid. After two gutsy performances from the PL sides they are now head to head in the champions of champions final. The all English game this Saturday promises to be one to watch. Tottenham have never lifted this silverware whilst...
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    Europa League Final 2019

    So who do you fancy, Chelsea or Arsenal?
  16. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Look at the head on ya

    For all the shtout drinkers:
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    Happy Easter!

    It's a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy the dinners, easter eggs and the drinks fellow Proccers. Rejoice :p
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    Ryan Adams' destructive behaviour towards women Ryan Adams, once seen as a 'musical genuis' is now facing backed up claims from women that he enticed them with promises of musical success before turning nasty and becoming aggressive. Personally can't get my head around...
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    The Soundest Proccer 2018 Poll

    So here we have it, the time has finally come to vote for your favey Proccer of 2018. It's been a long run of it and we are nearly at the end. Show some love peeps.
  20. Great-Bit-O-Stuff

    Soundest Proccer of 2018

    To counteract the Idiot threads, let's have something a bit nicer. Let's nominate a member who you feel has helped you, made you laugh or contributed to the Langers Forum in a positive way this year. Everyone shall have TWO nominations of members, the minimum number of candidates will be 8 and...