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    Worst Business Slogans

    My neighbour is getting a new side gate. The company is called The Sidegate Man and their slogan is 'We don't cut corners.. we sand them down' Sweet baby jeebus 🤦‍♂️
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    The card game I have never found anyone outside Cork who has even heard of it. You are dealt 9 cards and you make 3 hands of 3 cards more or less using poker scoring/ranking rules. You can make the 3 hands up any way you like and then you turn your cards upside down so they are set before game...
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    Vivid dreams

    not the RingYs ol lade scene now anyone here have very vivid dreams? I'm a demon for it. Last night I dreamt that there was a smashing sound down stairs. Hopped out of the bed, down the stairs to take on whatever scumbag was there.. obviously no one found, back to bed The worst one was...
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    Best/worst summer + part time jobs you had

    Inspired by the Trial Shifts thread Best: 2nd J1 visa in the states, talked my way into getting a waiters job at a silver service restaurant at the beach. They had bus boys, food runners, sommeliers etc etc so all I had to do was take orders, put the plate from the tray in front of them, and be...
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    Great Media Headlines

    This one from todays IT is a beaut :)
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    Petrol/Diesel Question

    Is the More Miles diesel worth paying the extra for? Its about 10c a litre more - anyone know if it actually converts to the proportional additional mileage?
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    NI Merching Season 2021

    Well, the ‘white nights’ of summer are rolling in and NI merching season will be soon upon us. Would the nationalist community north AND south have the foresight to band together and say to the loyalist community...Merch away lads, anywhere you want? Or will every market stall be a battle...
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    Covid Cartoons

    bit of light relief, the IT did a round up of the best cartoons published in papers over the year of the pandemic.. my favourites below, some really good stuff there:
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    Online orders

    Are people ordering from UK sites at the moment? I have a Christmas present stuck in Basildon that obviously never arrived, and reading about the log jams with transport at their ports. I presume ordering anything from there right now is pointless? Are people ordering from European countries...
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    Stuff commentators need to stop saying

    Re Fernandinho in tonights Man City match: ‘What a great servant he’s been for 7 years with Man City’ The same fella has probably earned about £20,000,000 during that time for being a decent professional and no more :rolleyes:
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    Men vs Women

    why are the media so intent on setting one side against the other? I read the IT and there isn't a day goes by at this stage where they don't have an article attacking men for one reason or another. Mullalley and her crew practice their misandry openly and get applauded for it, now they have the...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Anyone looking out for anything in particular? Eir giving an Apple TV 4K, prime TV and Apple TV for a year with their TV/Broadband package which sounds tasty, but they score 1.1 on trust pilot after thousands of reviews - is the service really that bad in an urban area? I am out of contract so...
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    Mutt help

    I’m coming under savage pressure from the kids and I have no doubt that the missus is quietly encouraging them on the sly so I’m going to have to give in and get a mutt soon I don’t have any love for dogs, none We had a few dogs at home and the old man used treat them like more kids so you...
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    Csi proc

    any archaeologists on here? Or even someone who's watched the full box set of CSI will do any guesses what this skeleton is? - Human baby - Small dinosaur - Dog - Midget - Something else Well?
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    Vintage cars

    I’ve got to the point where our 2nd car is costing me money and it owes me nothing at this stage. I have no love for cars as such so the idea of spending 30 or 40 grand on a car makes no sense in my head, nor do those PCP schemes, I dont want to owe money for a car. On the other hand I always...
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    Covid + You

    apart from the obvious stuff that the other thread covers well, what 3 things has the Covid experience so far changed your mind on, or confirmed for you on a personal level? Time - I never had any before trying to balance work, family, life and the kids sports/activities and coaching. Life is...
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    Headphones recommendation

    Trying to work from home and ignore ringYs ol lade is becoming more challenging. I have an old pair of Sennheiser's that owe me nothing at this point so looking to get a bluetooth set. I'm into music and have a serious sound set up downstairs, but I am not going to be producing music or...
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    Admin seeing red

    Anyone else notice the colour of the PROC? I think it’s the first change to the board since 1992. Call me a traditionalist, but I don’t like it :p
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    SIM help

    What is the cheapest way to get a SIM that costs very little on a month to month basis? Ideally I just want to pay a few quid for the SIM an then top it up with €10 or €20 of credit once every 3-6 months It will get minimal use so I dont want to be paying a monthly charge of a tenner or...
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    GAA Coaching

    quick question given its coming up to membership time of year again - The question came up again last night regarding membership for coaches. Do any of you that are coaching/mentoring kids at GAA clubs pay membership for yourselves as well as your kid(s)? Extra people helping out would always...