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    Did anyone elses...

    Auld doll go cracked on Monday? Reports coming in of lads across the board getting bollocked out of it
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    Dog worms

    Found this in my dogs shit this morning. Is it a worm? Google says maybe. It's rock hard though. Thought worms would be squishy
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    Window companies in Cork

    Couldnt see a more suitable place to post this so I'll just ask you good folk. Looking to replace the windows in the house but the reviews for any of the companies in Cork are shady at best. Any recommendation? Please and thanks as always
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    The oven

    Just blew the fuse,heating element kaput. And she's not even 2 years old. Lads, shit built these days just doesn't last. Shit manufacturers list so far: Philips tv - garbage pictures Sony TV - garbage sound Hoover washing machine - walks itself out the door on a full spin Russel Hobbs...
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    % Chance of rain

    What does it actually mean?
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    Phone repair gaffs in town

    Lads can ye recommend any of them? The rugrat bit through the fingerprint glass button and looking to get it fix. Too big of a job to do myself
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    Do you visit graveyards?

    The local one here always seems to be busy, people coming and going, lighting candles etc. Have a few close people in the ground but dont see the point in it really. Is there comfort in it?
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    Stryker Xmas Party

    Rumors starting to swirl over on Reddit bout some serious shenanigans. What's the goss?
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    Where to Buy?

    A 25 liter drum of Kerosene, Cork City area Ran out last night and the wife is going to murder me cause i never ordered it. Help me out lads
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    Galway Fly-tipping

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    Tramore Valley Park

    We just cant have nice things
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    TedX : Irish Media Corruption

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    Terrarium TV goes bang

    Da fook we goona use now?
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    Which country does the most good for the world?

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    Rte Agenda?

    Is it just me or has Rte been broadcasting more human interest stories in relation to kids with severe disabilities?
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    Exhaust repair Cork City

    Any recommendations lads? Need to get a section replaced
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    Crash on Carr's Hil

    Big crash just before the Maryborough Hill slip road. The missus said it looked rough enough. Hope the drivers are ok
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    Car Stolen

    Hi All My car was robbed last night in Douglas. Details below Location : Douglas Cork Time : 3.45 am Date : 26 July 2017 Make : Mazda 323 Reg : 93 lk 2093 Type : 1.3 LX 16V Hatchback Color : Metallic Green Please pm if you see it. There is no other car like this around, she is one of a...
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    Shower in the Morning or Night

    Whats yer preference?
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    Name a time it was better to have run out of something.....