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  1. Coach and Six

    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Kingston was putting about 50 hours a week into what is pretty much a voluntary role. The selectors would put in something similar and I can only imagine all the headspace it takes up outside of that too. If you feel you're giving your life over to Cork hurling and you're genuinely trying...
  2. Coach and Six

    The Hurling Thread

    Or in the league this year.
  3. Coach and Six

    Cork Footballers

    5 down. Hope we put up a fight now here.
  4. Coach and Six

    Cork Footballers

    Dubs at home. What do expect? Decisions always going to go with the jackeens.
  5. Coach and Six

    Cork Footballers

    9-5 Seems to be slipping away from us a bit earlier than I hoped.
  6. Coach and Six

    Cork Footballers

    Hard to see us surprising the bookies, but at least if we show a bit of fight and a little guile we might give the Dubs a rattle if they're not firing on all cylinders. I'm prepared for the stone cold sober reality of a massive hiding as well though. Been here so many times before.
  7. Coach and Six

    Live at the Marquee 22

    Sound isn't that bad in fairness. The volume is as high as it would be at festivals in more remote areas. I'd say residents in Ballintemple appreciate that.
  8. Coach and Six

    Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

    The election was "bye"? Blimey, I remember when elections were straight mate. You can't even vote now without being transgender. I blame the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels.
  9. Coach and Six

    Bonfire Night

  10. Coach and Six

    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    Fucking hell. What utter utter horseshit. Do you even listen to what Putin has said?!
  11. Coach and Six

    Councillor Frank O Flynn or Councillor Frank Roche

    Poor aul Rochey. Coming on the local talk page to big himself up.
  12. Coach and Six

    EIR Paper Bills

    A human(s) needs to be employed to print the letter and/or manage that process (someone gotta stick paper and ink in the printer), physically put it into the envelope (or at least oversee a machine doing it, and said machine costs money to buy and maintain), and someone needs to physically bring...
  13. Coach and Six

    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    But, but, but the hallowed turf of Croke Park (all bow) is where every player wants to play. I dream of the day Cork win the AI down the Páirc. Ps: fuck the Dubs
  14. Coach and Six

    CNN Anchor calls Cork a kip

    He said it was "tired" not a kip. CNN: you are fake news.
  15. Coach and Six

    Cork Airport is going to get offed.

    Dublin is a shithole and I like Dara but there's something about London Irish types that are very annoying. They're always moaning about something. Usually some pedantic, middle class, privileged rant on Twitter. Friends in London are constantly on WhatsApp groups and social media moaning about...
  16. Coach and Six

    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    Yeah, the three losses/humiliations so far this season should keep our lads vigilant and while you'd have to respect Antrim we should be well able to deal with anything they throw our way. Confidence rather than arrogance. Good teams often have big wobbles and then regain form. It came too...
  17. Coach and Six

    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    Absolutely spot on. From environmental issues to health ones like being in league with evil baby formula companies that drive down breastfeeding rates to the detriment of childrens long term health outcomes, the farming lobby in this country have a lot to answer for.
  18. Coach and Six

    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    Lol. They can run fast alright. Lot of spare drugs going round now that their athletes have been banned from everything.
  19. Coach and Six

    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    Or an authoritarian autocratic war criminal who invades Democratic countries who don't want to align themselves with his mafia state, a man who poisons opposition leaders, murders journalists, crushes dissent and who has stolen billions from his country and has made one of the worst and most...