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  1. Coach and Six

    Will the Cork Jazz Festival be cancelled?

    Lots of venues have sold out gigs at full capacity at this stage. Theres a significant chance Tuesdays announcement will mean severely reduced capacities making lots of events not viable. What will venues like Opera House do? Only allow the first 400 ticket holders in and refund the other 600??
  2. Coach and Six

    Vaccine Wars: EU invoke and uninvoke Article 16

    The EU commission has invoked article 16 of the Norn Iron protocol in an attempt to block Astra Zeneca sending vaccines to Great Britain via Northern Ireland. Looks like a huge own goal from the EU. Big Micky pissed himself and is due to talk to Emperor Von der Leyen shortly. Awwrrlene and...
  3. Coach and Six

    Bus gets stuck under bridge in Douglas

    Fail of the week. Check it out on the twitter machine Sign on the bridge saying height is 3.4m. A quick Google suggests double deckers are well over 4m. Also appears to be a passenger in a red jacket still on board...
  4. Coach and Six

    Leaving Cert 2020: Best results ever

    I know by the level of discussion here that there are many juvenilles posting on the PROC so best of luck to everyone getting their leaving cert and leaving cert applied results. These days everyone is a winner. Just don't hug or shake hands with anyone tonight and try not to get anyone pregnant.
  5. Coach and Six

    New Cork news website to take on the Echo

    Former RTE presenter Joe O'Shea who has returned from some time abroad has started a brand new website that it set up to compete directly with the Echo's online offering. They're going all out with bus shelter advertising and are pouring money into social media amassing a large following on...
  6. Coach and Six

    UCC bike thieves foiled in sting operation

    Had his bike stolen up in UCC but got it back: Good on him. Should have given him a few slaps...
  7. Coach and Six

    Examiner website auto-playing video with sound up full

    Lads, my fucking heart. And my co-workers' nerves. I'm quietly browsing an article on the just after lunch in the silent peace of a half empty office then all hell breaks loose. Music blaring, some cunt roaring at me to buy some shit I don't want. I'm scrambling to find where it's...
  8. Coach and Six

    Saoradh March up Barrack St

    Nice touch from Republicans after murdering a young journalist a few days ago The only thing the leader looks like he could murder is a burger and chips from Lennox's. Maybe it...
  9. Coach and Six

    BYOB restaurants in Cork

    Sultan at Penrose Wharf and The Spice Inn on North Main Street. Any other bring your own booze venues? City or county.
  10. Coach and Six

    Cyclist killed by SUV in Ballincollig

    RIP. Hit by an SUV. I'm sure the driver is devastated too. A terrible thing to have to live with regardless of who was at fault, if anyone. I notice more and more of these SUV/mini trucks on the road every day driven by people with regular licenses. They're wider and much heavier than your...
  11. Coach and Six

    Why are so many people on the PROC?

    310 users currently browsing the Langers Forum. Around the same yesterday. What's going on? Is it all the lads from abroad reading it in airports around the world? Lads canvassing votes in the Idiot of the Year? Or....has Prendypuss taken another flight?!! :x-mas:
  12. Coach and Six

    Do Deliveroo drivers get shot if they're late?

    The way these junk food delivery clowns on bikes and scooters cycle and "drive" around the city is going to result in somebody being decapitated. Saw a deliveroo scooter yesterday overtaking a long line of traffic on Patrick Street completely on the wrong side of the street and he nearly got...
  13. Coach and Six

    What crime will you commit during the Garda strike?

    I'm thinking of going mad and not carrying my full drivers licence in my glove box. What are you going to do? Raid an ATM? Walk down Patrick Street with your langer hanging out? Take a shit outside a cop shop? Hit me. You're entitled to it and it's your culture. Thanks Enda.
  14. Coach and Six

    Cork to New York flights via Reykjavik starting May2017

    Glugging into volcanoes and getting langers at an intimate Bjork gig anyone?
  15. Coach and Six

    'Dear Cork, I Love You', says some American beour
  16. Coach and Six

    Flying Enterprise staff told not to speak Irish

    Bar supervisor Cormac Ó Bruic from Corca Dhuibhne was told to stop speaking Irish to other Irish speaking staff by the bar owner in The Flying Enterprise. The reason the owner gave is that he is running a "hospitality business". Ó Bruic walked out in protest...
  17. Coach and Six

    Hairy Baby criticised by Skibb Rowing club captain

    Skibbereen Rowing captain, Seánie O'Brien criticised the Hairy baby t-shirt company for selling €25 t-shirts on the back of Gary and Paul O'Donovan's silver medal victory in Rio. He made the veiled comments on RTE Radio 1 in an interview with Katherine Thomas. The West Cork rowing club have...
  18. Coach and Six

    Dog owner pinned to the ground by jogger in Lee Fields

    Was walking in the Lee Fields last week and just by the foot bridge at the back of the Kingsley a jogger almost tripped over a dog that was off its lead and running around like a loon (there are plenty of signs saying keep your dog on a lead for anyone who hasn't been out there but they are...
  19. Coach and Six

    Preferably Muslims for Wilton house share

    Just spotted this Imagine if it said "preferably Catholics"!
  20. Coach and Six

    Fat Bastards: Ireland to be fattest country by 2030

    Poor aul Paddy. Still can't resist the breakfast rolls and the pints.