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  1. Bennyton

    Best place you've ever been?

    Hip auld that, I'm looking to go somewhere nice later this year, possibly October or November.Anyway, I was thinking Kenya, Colombia or Japan, but would like to hear about your favourite place first m8's. From Mosney to Monaco, let's hear it. Thanks very much, B
  2. Bennyton

    Not Secure

    Finbarr's Root Cert Expired in 2016. PAdmin would want to get on that, it's making browsing a pain in the hole, innit.
  3. Bennyton

    Devops Cork

    Anyone here working in recruitment? Looking at "Devops" roles back home, just out of interest as I'd like to head back in a year or so. The tech seems to be 10 years old, and the salaries are seemingly worse than when I left in 2015.
  4. Bennyton

    The Secret Forum

    Whats the story there lads, whats the benefit of the Secret Forum, Ive been on the proc about 15 years now, so Padmin, how do I get in?!
  5. Bennyton

    Fraud who claimed over €100k in welfare has sob stories

    Woman who claimed over €100k in welfare fraud 'used it to pay off son's drug debt. Carol Clarke claimed welfare payments under her sisters name for 17 years. Shes going to avoid a custodial sentence because shes caring for her grandchildren, even though her history as a parent is less than...
  6. Bennyton

    STOWN Podcast from the people who made Serial.

    Just listened to the first episode of this, it's all online now, and bingeable. Seems very good, the main source of information is a middle aged, redneck who is 50% homosexuality and 50% asperger's. Seems like a good show so far. B
  7. Bennyton

    I wish to Fawwk There was an Arts&Culture Thread.

    Came across this today, the accent would drive you mad for the first twelve seconds, but it's actually really good, if not absolutely fucking depressing. B
  8. Bennyton

    oneplus 3T

    Anyone else have this bad boy? Have the Oneplus One, solid workhorse, and much cheaper than this one, but it's hitting two years now, and the battery takes a good while to charge (although still lasts long enough). Between accessories and everything, i'll be close to £500 in the hole from...
  9. Bennyton

    Man who raped his young son and imprisoned him in a box

    Man who raped his young son and imprisoned him in a box The man’s partner will be sentenced for child cruelty next week. source
  10. Bennyton

    Bennyton (fcuking ejit) versus Landlord

    Sup ya'll. So here's a quick story about how I got fucked in the ass today. Myself and the missus moved into a place after Christmas. paid up €1100 for rent, and €1100 for the deposit. Couple of things happen while we're living there, leaky jacks, hoover doesn't work, and raw sewage coming...
  11. Bennyton

    FAO Admin

    Getting quare mails. B
  12. Bennyton

    HSE pull treatment on 7 year old girl.

    On Neill there, awful fucking story. The girl has colon an bowel issues, she's been going to Crumlin for the past five years, and is still in an awful state. The family sourced a doctor in London with a possible treatment, and applied to the HSE for funding for the treatment. The HSE...
  13. Bennyton

    More Irish Water bollocks.

    Broadsheet article.
  14. Bennyton

    16 year old won't get out of bed for Trial.

    source Some bright future for this cunt.
  15. Bennyton

    Twinks Dog to run away again. The woman seems to be in la-la land most of the time, if I was losing my gaff I'd be the most stressed man in the world, she seems like she hasn't a care in the world. B
  16. Bennyton

    Cork Man with 423 convictions has sentence for robbery

    Fucking jokeshop, B
  17. Bennyton

    Tokyo teen taken hostage for two years, er, escapes.
  18. Bennyton

    More Nama bollocks On the Sean O' Rourke show now.
  19. Bennyton

    EMC Going Bang?

    Dell move is going as expected, all staff are being called into a meeting today at 3pm. Apparently, people with 15 years at the company will be offered voluntary redundancy, as a start.
  20. Bennyton

    Too many gardai on facebook all day.

    Source Hardly news to anyone though, FG have been in power for five years now, why produce the report now? When they'll clearly do SFA about it.