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    Jack Grealish

    Quite surprisingly (my opinion), he has been left out of the England squad for their forthcoming matches. So he has yet to play a competitive match for them and is therefore, in theory, still eligible to declare for Ireland. We all remember the "will he, won't he"saga of a while back. In the...
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    Lord Kilclooney

    Just when you think that Lord Kilclooney aka John Taylor cannot plumb the depths of idiocy any further, up he comes with something even dafter. Lord Kilclooney asks Alliance's Jackie Coade why Twitter name ends with 'ie' instead of 'uk' A UNIONIST peer has faced ridicule for appearing to...
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    Ron Atkinson

    BFR turned 80 earlier in the week. I first saw him playing for Oxford United in the 1960s and, leaving aside his sojourn at Old Trafford, he did a very good job managing Villa in the 1990s. The 3-1 win over Man U in the League Cup Final in 1994, depriving them of a domestic treble, was...
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    Gunboats in Dundalk Bay

    This all seems a bit strange and over the top. The impounding of two Northern Ireland fishing boats by the Irish Navy has been condemned as “quite outrageous” by the DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds. The boats, the Amity and the Boy Joseph, were detained in Dundalk Bay on Wednesday for allegedly...
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    Six Nations 2019

    It all starts rumbling on Friday evening in Paris with France taking on Wales. And then there's the BIG one - Ireland v England at Lansdowne Road on Saturday. Ireland are favourites both for that game and the Championship. That's probably about right but, on a given day, anyone of five teams can...
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    How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance In Canada

    Change your gender, that's how. A Canadian man legally changed his gender to female so he could take advantage of better car insurance rates offered to women and save up nearly $1,100 Canadian Dollars, a report said. A man, identified only as “David” who lives in Alberta, told CBC News that he...
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    Meanwhile Up North

    I yield to no-one in my love for my native city but am so glad I don't live there. Some things never seem to change.
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    Oh, Joy, Another Referendum

    Blasphemy referendum set to take place in October More at
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    Will Sky Sports Steal the Soul of Gaelic Games?

    Well, they've certainly stolen the soul of football in England so are they doing the same on this side of the Irish Sea? Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp was one of my favourite Liverpool players as a young girl, but he won't be featuring on my list of top hurlers any time soon. Watching him...
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    Mixing Quotes from Movies

    Let's try juxtapositioning famous lines from different movies. We'll start with - "My name is Bond, James Bond". (Doctor No) "Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" (Planet of the Apes) or "Follow the yellow brick road.(The Wizard of Oz) "Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need...
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    First ever flight?

    When was your first flight? Where did you fly from? Where did you fly to? On New Years Day 1965, I flew from Belfast (now known as Belfast International) to London Heathrow.
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    An unexpected consequence of marriage equality

    A Dublin father-of-three is set to marry his 85-year-old friend of almost 30 years after the pair agreed that it was the best way for a house to be passed on without incurring a hefty inheritance tax bill. Both men spoke to Liveline on RTE1 Radio today, explaining that while they were not gay...
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    Have You Ever Self-Published A Book?

    Our oldest grandson, who has autism, has (very recently) - likewise one of our daughters, a couple of years back. In the grandson's case, he had to sell about 70 copies to cover his costs - which he did at the launch. I have had a novel in the works for far too long so must get back to work on it.
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    Ryanair Cancellations

    Good old Ryanair. We were booked on a flight to Manchester this coming Monday and they sent us an email this afternoon to inform us our flight was cancelled. Apparently, they're having to axe around 50 flights a day for the next few weeks on account of their pilots having to take holidays. Or...
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    The Holy Communion Gravy Train

    We're not members of the majority faith on the island so our children (and grandchildren) have never had these sorts of pay days. THE KIDS OF today will be doing very well in later years if they keep their communion money safe into adulthood. A survey revealed this morning that children making...
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    We all dream, or so we're told. I have the knack of waking from a pleasant dream and then going back to sleep to continue it. I can also defy gravity. i don't fly but I can walk without my feet needing to touch the ground. Those are the nice ones. I do have a couple that recur that are not very...
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    Supporters or Bandwagon Followers?

    I have supported Aston Villa since, well, quite a while ago. I've been to Villa Park dozens of times over the years. Yet, I am reluctant to pepper my references to the club with the pronoun "we". Meanwhile, I know more than a few people who will invariably talk about their favourite team in...
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    Ryanair Landings

    Last night, I travelled from Manchester to Dublin on Ryanair and it was my thirteenth flight this year. Twelve of them have been on Ryanair and the other was on SAS. I don't have too many grumbles with Mr O'Leary's carrier - it's inexpensive and usually punctual (although last night was an...
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    Any Holiday Plans?

    This summer there is going to be a family reunion in County Mayo for the posterity (and their partners) of Mrs BBJ's parents. If everyone showed up (won't happen) ther'd be 104 people. (Our branch of the family would contribute 31 of those - not sure if they can all come either.) Still, a...
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    Which Is The Biggest Club In The Championship?

    Call me biased but I have no doubt that Aston Villa is the biggest club in the Championship. However, in a survey recently carried out, we trailed in third after Nottingham Forest and Leeds. Now, in a way, I can understand Forest getting the nod (two European Cups after all) but Leeds...