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    PROC All Ireland “Name the Winners” Competition 2022

    Right guys, quick turnaround this year Nominations now open
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    PROC National Hurling League ‘Name the Winners Competition’ 2022

    Right guys, here we go again, usual rules apply, to enter just name your National League Winners
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    PROC 2021 County Senior "Name the Winners" Competition

    PROC 2021 County Senior "Name the Winners" Competition A few posters have asked about having a competition for this, is there an interest? I'll gladly take entries if there is Usual rules and only for Premier Senior Championship games
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    PROC 2021 All-Ireland "Name the Winners" Competition

    PROC 2021 All-Ireland "Name the Winners" Competition Right lads, championship is almost upon us, if you want to enter the competition nominate your winners
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    PROC 2021 Hurling League 'Name the Winners' Competition

    Right lads, that time of the year again, let me know if ye be interested in this, its just for the League, we will do a seperate one for the Championship. Usual rules apply However, if no final is played and two counties are declared joint winners those who nominated either of those two...
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    GAA Season 2021

    Has just been released Inter County Leagues to begin in May, Championship in June and to be completed by the end of August Club championship can begin as soon as the county team are finished with provincial championships in November and all Ireland finals in February 2022...
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    Kingston gone

    Breaking story A row over funding of the Cork Senior Hurling Team has led to manager Kieran Kingston this morning stepping down with immediate effect, tweets Eoin Mac Cormickan of the Cork Examiner. More details to follow
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    Greatest Inter County Hurling Team Poll 3

    This includes teams of the modern era from the mid 90s to the present day
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    Greatest Inter County Hurling Team Poll 2

    This poll includes teams from the early 70s to the early 90s
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    Greatest Inter County Hurling Team Poll 1

    These teams are from the era of the 40s to the early 70s
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    The Greatest Inter County Hurling Team of all time

    Lads, this topic really interests me, and I’m sure it does alot of posters on here and this might be the topic to get us through lockdown. I’m thinking one of two options (if anyone else has a better idea I’ll run with it) Option 1 A poll of the top 30 teams from the Mackey era to now where...
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    PROC Hurling All Stars Fowards 2020

    6 positions, 10 choices
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    PROC Hurling All Stars Midfieldes 2020

    2 positions, 5 choices
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    PROC Hurling All Star Defenders 2020

    Voting now open for 6 Defenders
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    PROC Hurling All Star Goalkeeper 2020

    Voting open for Goalkeeper
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    PROC Hurling All Star Team 2020

    Time to pick our 2020 Hurling All Star Team lads. I will open a seperate thread for each line of the pitch and you vote for your 3 on each line, 2 midfields, 1 goalie I’m thinking we give 2 weeks to allow posters vote before closing the polls. Here are my nominations for each line, any glaring...
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    PROC All-Ireland Hurling “Name the Winners” Competition

    Only a month to go to (hopefully) the start of the inter county championship. Just seeing is there still a demand for our annual competition this year?
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    The 33rd Dail

    So there we have it, Fianna Fáil, FIne Gael & The Greens are our new government and Michael is our new leader
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    Best 15 from each top county you saw hurl

    Things have gone very very quiet on the sports forum lads so maybe this might help start a bit of debate. Choose the best 15 you saw play from each of the top 9 counties over that period, Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Galway, Offaly, Clare, Limerick, Wexford and Waterford Maybe one team per post...
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    Corona Championship Final Newtownshandrum v Seandun

    And so we have our finalists Newtownshandrum v Seandun, throw in at 6pm Sunday in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. It is a novel pairing of the big City division of Seandun against the tiny North Cork village of Newtownshandrum, the athmosphere is building in both camps as they prepare for the County Final...