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    Huge award in USA to a man who has cancer , blames Roundup.
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    No country for the vulnerable - only vultures.
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    Warning to employers.

    Employees are entitled to 11 hours free from work related calls/emails etc.
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    % of people from countries living abroad.

    Ireland well up there.
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    Have you leaked

    Hello daddy.
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    Holidaying in Sri Lanka

    Thinking of heading there for a week later in the year. Anyone know where I could get tips of where to stay and what to do etc. Maybe someone who's been there already.
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    Glennane gang .

    Podcast from Pat Kenny show. Savage stuff re collusion by RUC, UDR , British army in the murder of up to 150 Catholics.
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    A Norrie at Wimbledon

    Cameron by name . Didn't know tennis was popular north of the Lee.
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    Lowry Aid

    To be held at Semple Stadium [ where else like ]. Special appearance by Bono , MC for the day Denis O Brien , drink supplied by a well known Tipp hurler so people won't get too drunk. Add guests/bands as you see appropriate.
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    Claiming tax rebates on college fees. The percentage claiming is very small. Easy to do as well.
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    Is Graham Norton the most famous Rebel Not Mick Collins , Roy or Sonia or Rory G.
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    School tour

    Find this on Twitter folks . Simon Smith ‏ @simonfromharlow 8:40am. I’ve signed a risk assessment and promised not to take any photos. WE’RE GOING TO THE SCIENCE MUSEUM 7:47 AM - 21 May 2018
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    Cardai Chorcai

    Hope every rebel here will be contributing. Official Launch of Cairde Chorcai 16/05/2018 The Official launch of Cairde Chorcai takes place next Friday 18th May in Pairc Ui Chaoimh @ 5.30pm Follow Cairde Chorcaí on twitter @cairdechorcai
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    12 mobile phones for sale.

    I know you're not supposed to sell stuff on this site but thete's a genuine reason for selling , they're hot as fuck . Got a severe dose of the flu after handling them , must be some bug on them. Don't worry though everything has been wiped clean.
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    Newsreel from War of Independence era.
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    Women who were given all clear die of cancer
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    It's a boy

    A daughter of a friend of ours had a baby boy today , congrats L.
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    Ireland's Economic Recovery repeatedly overstated.

    Tell us something most people didn't know. Pearse Doherty knew . Senior Department of Finance officials issued the warning yesterday two years after the “leprechaun economics”...
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    'Arry and the Haven.

    Redknapp at Castlehaven and Gianluca Vialli at Erin's Ilse in Finglas.
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    Joe Brolly columns . Todays 15/4 It's not just the kids that are getting pissed off.